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Our Friendly Hostel Staff

Come meet the friendly staff of Sakura Hostel. Members of different hometown, experience, generation got together in Asakusa, but we have two things in common.

First - we all like traveling, and second - we all can't wait helping travelers visiting Japan !!

Tomo - the Manager   Tomo - the Manager
  Hometown: Tokyo
  Languages: Japanese, English, Spanish
Si lo deseas, puedes contactarnos en español también!
  Countries visited: US, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Czech Rep., South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam
  >> More about Tomo
  Naoto - the Fighter
  Hometown: Tokyo
  Languages: Japanese, English, Korean
  Countries visited: Over 50 countries at 6 continents
  >> More about Naoto     >>Read Naoto's blog
  Johrel -the Snazzy Dresser
  Hometown: Tokyo
  Languages:English, Japanese
  Countries visited: Dubai, North Yemen, Kenya, France,
Netherland, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia,
Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, USA
  >> More about Johrel      >>Read Johrel's blog
  Agu -the Anpanman
  Hometown: Tokyo
  Languages:Japanese, English, Chinese (a little bit)
  Countries visited: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghi
  >> More about Agu      >>Read Agu's blog
  Hiro -the Capoeirista
  Hometown: Ibaraki
  Languages:English, Portuguese(um pouco)
  Countries visited: Over 50 countries at 6 continents
  >> More about Hiro     >>Read Hiro's blog
  Tom - the Patissier
  Hometown: Ibaraki
  Countries visited: The USA
  >> More about Tom

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