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Reserve Your Bed/Room!

There are 3 ways of making a reservation.
Please choose the one to match your needs.
・Before booking, please read our Cancellation policy.

Merit You can check the live vacancy.
Merit Book and receive the booking confirmation at once.
Demerit Extra service charge of USD2 per booking is required by
Demerit You need to pay 10% of the total rate as a non-refundable deposit, which will be deducted from the bed/room charge.
  (Note: Even if you cancel the booking, service charge or deposit will not be refunded.)
Merit No service charge, No deposit.
Merit We may have special offers and rates >More details
Merit We can help you find the best bed/room arrangement to fit your needs.
Merit If your required date is fully booked, we can put your name on our waiting list.
Demerit Email reservation will not be completed until you get a booking confirmation from us by email.
Book by Online Booking   Book by Email Reservation form

Merit No service charge, No deposit.
Merit You can call us any time (Reception available 24-hr).
Merit You can book at the last minute.
Demerit You need to pay the phone charge.
Merit Merit Demerit Demerit

This Two Month's Availability

  >>For Subsequent Months

〇Available  △Nearly full   ×Full   (For other room types, contact us with our reservation form)
* This availability might be subject to change.


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