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What is good about staying at - or working in - a hostel?
There are a lot of things that could be mentioned, but for us at Sakura Hostel, to meet new people is the biggest pleasure. Their jobs, nationalities, purposes of visit, lengths of stay and styles of travel are all different. Here on this page we focus on some of those people who stayed at our hostel.

   The interviewer is Yuri, our female staff member.
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 Enjoy her interview with our guests!
Interviewed on 04/04/2007
From: Rome, Italy
Staying From  3/30-4/1&4/3-4/6

   Clare   Webster (21)
Interviewed on 3/14/2007
From: Perth, AUS
Staying From  9th to 21st of Feb.

   Scott   Marescaux (26)
Interviewed on 2/02/2007
From: Calgary, Canada
Staying From  23rd of Jan. to 2nd of Feb. (9days)

   John Michael   Nicholls (20)
Interviewed on 2/02/2007
From: USA&U.K
Staying From  23rd of Jan. to 2nd of Feb

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