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Asakusa Guide

There are so much to see, eat, drink, experience in Asakusa, the heart of shitamachi (the historical part of Tokyo), and Sakura Hostel is conveniently located to explore all the spots on foot. Click the numbers or names on the map to see the details of each spot.

Places of interest
1.Kaminari-mon (Thunder gate)
The outer gate of Senso-ji temple. Originally built in 942, but have experienced burn downs and re-buildings. The latest version was donated by Konosuke Matsushita, the founder of Matsushita Electric (Panasonic) in 1960. It is a giant paper lantern that is hanging at the center.
The front approach to Senso-ji temple. Always busy with tourists and souvenir shops.
3.Dempo-in temple
The accommodation for monks of Senso-ji temple. Unfortunately not open to the public anymore.
The second gate to Senso-ji. The upper part of the building also works as a treasure house.
Five storied pagoda, on top of which a bone of Buddha offered from the royal temple of Sri Lanka, is kept.
6.Senso-ji temple
The main Buddhist temple of Asakusa, with the longest history among all the temples and shrines in Tokyo. Its origin dates back to 628, when a fisherman brothers found a figure of goddess at Sumida river, and a temple to store it was built.
7.Asakusa-jinja shrine
A Shinto shrine dedicated to three men who founded Senso-ji...the fisherman brothers and the headman of the village. Holds 'Sanja-matsuri' festival on the third weekend of May every year, which is one of three major festivals in Tokyo, and a must-see if you're in Tokyo.
A nostalgic amusement park popular among local kids. Sakura Hostel is located at its back.
9."Life" supermarket
The nearest supermarket from Sakura Hostel.
10.Asakusa View Hotel
The tallest building in Asakusa, with 28 floors. Lunch buffet available for 2625 yen at the top.
Founded in 1895. If you are ready to spend more than 6000 yen, you can taste the best Sukiyaki in town.
A street full of kitchenware dealers. How about Japanese plates and dishes as souvenirs ?
13.ROX building
A shopping complex with a 24 hour open supermarket and a sport gym.
14.Kamiya Bar
The oldest western-styled bar in Japan. Try their special cocktail "DENKI-BRAN (electric brandy)"
15.Sumida river cruise
Enjoy a 35 min. river cruise down to Hinode-sanbashi (close to JR Hamamatsu-cho stn.) for 760 yen.
16.Asahi Beer Tower
A modern landmark, which is the headquarter of Asahi Breweries. The 22 storied golden building is designed in a shape of a mug of beer, and the hall next to it, has a giant 'golden flame' on top. The company runs its own bar 'Asahi Annex', where you can taste the original Asakusa beer.
Train / subway stations
Tsukuba Express Asakusa station
The closest station from Sakura Hostel, convenient to access Akihabara (4 min., 200 yen) and Tokyo central station (transfer at Akihabara, 12 min. in total, 330 yen). Tsukuba Express is a new train line opened in 2005.
Ginza line Asakusa station & Tawaramachi station
Subway Ginza line connects Asakusa and Shibuya in 32 minutes, via Ueno and Ginza. Most convenient line in Asakusa area, and you will probably be using these stations to explore Tokyo. Asakusa station is slightly closer from Sakura Hostel than Tawaramachi station, but sometimes you can save some fare by using the latter which is closer to central Tokyo.
Asakusa line Asakusa station
The subway station you will arrive when you come from Narita International Airport. Connected to Ginza line Asakusa station underground.
Tobu line Asakusa station
The station which you will be using to access Nikko city (106 min., 2620 yen). The station itself is located inside Tobu department store.

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