2010/12/24 16:39

Happy Holidays from all of us at Sakura Hostel Asakusa

Santa Clause came along to Sakura Hostel Asakusa in Japan !!

Who is this Santa Clause?

photos 6801.JPG

It's Enoki Santa.
He is carrying the bag in which a lot of presents put !?

Oops. He must be a bad Santa Clause!!
photos 6811.JPG

And then, Jack Santa showed up.
The reindeer next to Santa Clause is ........... Tsuyoshi Reindeer !!
What a sly look it is!!

photos 6821.JPG

Now, Agu Santa and Johrel Reindeer came to the hostel.
Look !! His antler is pink !!
Is he an angel one !?

photos 6831.JPG

Those Santa Clause may sneak into your room and give you a present, or may not.

Best wishes to you and your family for a joyous season filled with health, happiness and prosperity.

2010/12/06 14:11

Soup for Breakfast?

The soup that we serve for breakfast is homemade.
Our staff make the soup after everybody goes to sleep.



Hiro is making a tomato soup. He is stir frying garlic.
The whole lobby smells good with garlic and tomato.

We have a few different recipes for soup, but unfortunately we cannot make a magic soup that makes you transparent or something that makes you laugh all the time.


Of course, there is no dragon's tale or green liquid.
Our soup ingredients are 100% safe, so please don't worry. It tastes good and you might like it.

2010/09/18 21:47

Health Checkup

This week is the time for the health checkup for Sakura Hostel staff which we have once a year.

It was my turn today. I was not allowed to drink beer last night although I had such a dry throat after the overtime work! So today, I will have the best beer and a big steak for dinner! ;D

And... next is...

He's having a checkup in 2 days, but...


Is this waistline okay.. ???
Tsuyoshi is a big fan of beer, so can't help it actually..

He says he's going to a pool for a swim now.
I hope you get a good result in 2 days! Let's see if he will be a muscle man by then :P
Good luck, Tsuyoshi!

Then, let's check out Jack too!
For Jack, let me tell you that he just had dinner, so..


Tsuyoshi and Jack are the same age, and compare the result of checkup every year, like which has better cholesterol level, or body fat percentage and stuff.
I think they're evenly matched :P

In Japan, we say Autumn is a nice season for sports, reading books and strong appetites.
Hey guys, let's eat, exercise and enjoy a beautiful Autumn!!

2010/09/01 15:11

Farewell Party for Ryoko

We had farewell party for Ryoko last night.
She worked in Sakura hostel for a half year, and took charge of our staff blog.
I think you enjoyed her blog a lot.
Now, she decided to start her new life in the U.S.
She will work in Disney Land in Florida for a year!!
We believe she do a good job over there as well as in Sakura hostel.

Here are some photos we took last night.

with her best friend Enocchi


Sakura Girls!!


We gave her message card.
Was she so happy that she couldn't help crying!?


We will miss you, Ryoko!!
Come to see us when you come back to Japan!!


2010/08/23 15:20

My last day in Sakura


Today is my last day working here.
Time flies so fast these past 6 months.
I really liked the international atmosphere here.

I'm glad to work with awesome Sakura staffs.
Everyone has interesting characteristics;
Tsuyoshi=Looks scary, but warm hearted
Naoto=Not only just a crazy fighter, but a laid back & generous guy
kuri.jpg Tomoe=Shy and indoor image at first, but friendly, active, and surprisingly beer lover
Ebi=Sensitive guy in contrast to his wild appearance
Jack=Supportive and gentle, but keeping a gang sta mind in secret

Johrel=Fashionable and peaceful, but scared at a cockroach
Enoki=Serious and organized, at the same time, funny and hilarious

Instead of me writing this blog, new staffs, Agu and Aki will take care of it.
They'll give you lots of info about Japan from their different perspective.

I'm going to the States for a year to work as a cultural representative.
Working here at Sakura gave me good opportunity to share my own culture
and customs with guests from all over the world.

This place is the second home for guests, but for me at the same time.

I'll definitely stop by sometimes to say hello.

See you then!! Muah!!

2010/08/08 15:44

We ♥ Himonoya!!!


"Himonoya" is such a nice Izakaya restaurant.
It's just 8 mins walk from the hostel.
It delivers a nice interior design, together with all the classics of Japanese izakaya food,
like yakitori, grilled fish, salads, etc., and a wide variety of drinks.

We played interesting masks that were hanged on the wall.
I can't tell the difference between Enoki and this funny mask.
ben kai 031.jpg

Tomoe and Johrel
ben kai 033.jpg

Haha, Ben chan. You look like Namahage.
ben kai 030.jpg

Namahage= A person dressed as scary looking demon, and scare young children
in the houses to encourage them to obey their parents and to behave.

Hit the Taiko (Japanese drum) to call the servers
ben kai 034.jpg

Naoto loves to go there during lunch time.
Lunch menu is just 580~680yen includes main dish, miso soup, Rice and natto (sticky beans).
You can get rice and natto as much you can.
Naoto always has at least 2 rice bowls and 2 natto packs.
That's why he gains 2kg recently. lol

ben kai 029.jpg

Their size of beer mug is quite amazing!! That's HUGE!!

Even though you are good at chugging a beer like this guy, you would have hard time.
ben kai 037.jpg

Himonoya is our paradise!!!
ben kai 028.jpg

ben kai 040.jpg

2010/07/29 19:59

''What is your blood type?''

''What is your blood type?''

Westerners might think that this question sounds a little bit creepy.
However, for Japanese people, blood types carry significance and are similar to horoscopes.
Each person with a certain blood type are commonly known to have specific
characteristics and traits.
There are four blood types: A, B, O and AB.
If you don't know your blood type, Japanese people will be shocked.

According to the blood type assessment,
A-type people are regarded as calm, polite, responsible, sensitive,
blood Enoki.jpg
Type A Enoki
blood Ebi.jpg
Type A Ebi

but also they are perfectionists, anxious, nervous and over cautions.
blood Ryoko.jpg
Type A Ryoko

B-type people are strong, creative, outgoing, optimistic, flexible,
more laid-back who do things at their own pace, but eccentric and selfish.
blood B.jpg
Type B Jack

O-type people are curious, generous, romantic and tolerant.
blood Tomoe.jpg
Type O Tomoe
blood Johrel.jpg
Type O Johrel
blood O.jpg
Type O Naoto & Ben chan

They love to be the center of attention and appear very self confident.
They don''t always finish what they start.

AB-type people have both types of A and B, so they are shy and outgoing,
blood AB 1.jpg
Tsuyoshi B side
They easily switch from one opposite to another.
blood AB.jpg
Tsuyoshi A side
They are trustworthy and responsible, but can't handle it when too much is asked of them.

Most Japanese are type A while most Westerners are type O.

The reason why Japanese like linking blood types to personality is that
Japanese are group-oriented.
Japanese do not like to be isolated to do things differently from others.
They are fond to stick together: eating, working, or traveling in a group.
Being with people of the same ''blood'' gives them a kind of carefreeness and joy.

Are you getting interested knowing your blood type???

2010/07/06 13:40

The Asakusa Murders

Female Ninja ''Ku-no-ichi'' is trying to use her sword.


Run away, Tsuyoshi!

By the way, there is a strong relationship of the word kunoichi and Kanji character of female (女).

When the kanji ''女'' breaks apart, it becomes as く ノ 一.

The ''く'' (pronounce ''ku'') is written in hirigana, ''ノ'' (pronounce ''no'') in katakana and ''一''

(pronounce ''ichi'') in kanji - add the three together becomes the Japanese word (in kanji) for woman!

く ノ 一


Oh, no. It's too late.

2010/06/20 22:40

Who is the hottest Asian???

The hottest Asian election!
Who do you think is the best looking guy???

Entry No.1










No.6 (on your right)

No.7 (on your left)


Let's Vote!!

2010/06/18 10:36

National Anthem Trivia

The Japanese anthem, 君が代 (Kimi ga yo) has the oldest (9th century) lyrics,
It was written to praise the Emperor system of Japan.
And also it is the one of the world's shortest national anthems.

The lyrics of Kimi ga yo:

Kimi ga yo wa / Chiyo ni yachiyo ni / Sazare ishi no /
Iwao to nari te / Koke no musu made.

English translation:

May the reign of the Emperor/ continue for a thousand, eight thousand generations
and for the eternity / that it takes for small pebbles /to grow into a great rock
/and become covered with moss.

Let's listen with melody.

By the way, do you know the world's oldest national anthem
though the words of the Japanese national anthem (not the music)
date back to the 9 th century?

The answer is...

Their national anthem music was made in 1572.
The melody of Japanese anthem was added in the late 19th century.
Holland's national anthem, ''Het Wilhelmus'''s Wilhelmus is Germany actually.
Does anyone know why Germany is appeared on the Holland's national anthem???

So tomorrow, you should focus on listening both Japan & Holland's national anthem.

Even though Holland has the oldest national anthem music,
we have 2 world's record (oldest & shortest lyrics).
That means, we already beat you up! lol
beat you up.JPG

Well, our hope is that we can get a draw.

Go go Japan!!

2010/06/11 15:55

What is the best restaurant for Lunch in Asakusa?: Staff's recommendation Part 3

Tsuyoshi's recommended lunch restraint is....


This is a chain soba (buckwheat noodle) restaurant. It is just right across to Kaminarimon Gate.
You can eat soba (or udon) noodle standing up cheaply.
Put the money into the ticket machine, and pick out what you want.
Japanese people love to eat a cold soba noodle for summer time.
Don't forget! Soba should be slurped up with gusto, noisily in Japan.

2010/06/06 10:01

FIFA World Cup Uniform Collections

Tsuyoshi got national uniforms, and all staff wear them for FIFA world cup next week!!!

FIFA Uniform 13.jpg

FIFA Uniform.jpg

FIFA Uniform 5.jpg
FIFA Uniform 3.jpg

FIFA Uniform 14.jpg

Portugal !
FIFA Uniform 10.jpg

FIFA Uniform 9.jpg
FIFA Uniform 2.jpg

FIFA Uniform 11.jpg

FIFA Uniform 4.jpg

We are waiting for your arrival with passionate heart.
FIFA Uniform 12.jpg

2010/06/03 13:49

Sakura Futsal Night

Last night, we had a futsal.
People from Sakura Hotel, Hostel, and Sakura House got together and play.

Group Picture~

Tsuyoshi, Naoto, Johrel, and Kevin teamed up.
Cheers with beer

Run, Johrel, Run!
Johrel is stretching and getting ready for the next half match.


The game ended in a 3-3 tie.
Good job guys!

By the way, Naoto hasn't had sore muscles by yesterday's futsal so far.
If he gets sore tomorrow, that means he's turning to Oyaji (old men) lol.

2010/06/01 16:19

Sakura Hostel Garden☆

This is almost annual event at Sakura Hostel.
Tsuyoshi just started to grow morning glory. The seeds are the third generation!

He looks so happy to see their growing, doesn't he? :D


Today, he found the first leaves came out. They are so pretty!


We can't wait to see them bearing flowers in Summer. Gambare♪

2010/05/31 22:45

Protein brothers

Our common point is "Drinking the Protein"
We are always getting in shape.


Maybe, We will change like this after few years later.


Be careful !
If you drink and be loud, I hold you back.

2010/05/30 20:25

If you like to bet...

Why don't you try betting on a horse race?
tokyo da-bi-.jpg
Today, the biggest horse racing, Tokyo Derby was held in Tokyo.
The Tokyo Derby is the biggest Japanese thoroughbred horse race.
There is a big building, called WINS where you can buy a trifecta.
Tokyo Derby4.jpg

It's just one minute walk from our hostel.

Weekends are usually crawded like this

Tokyo Derby3.jpg

Tsuyoshi and Jumbo Shrimp got a trifecta.

Tokyo Derby5.jpg

There were 12 races, and each race took just 3 mins.
Intense moment...
Tokyo Derby2.jpg

Oh nooooooo
Tokyo Derby.jpg

When you lost the game, just rip off the trifecta. That makes you feel little bit better. lol
Tokyo Derby6.jpg

Once you start watching a horse race, you will be hooked on.
Tsuyoshi and Shrimp def will try another round to revenge!

2010/05/27 12:56

May Sick

May sickness happens after you've accomplished a major goal,
such as a school entrance, or if you've just gotten a new job.
It also happens when the relationship that started in spring time doesn't work out.
Or when you feel disconnect between ideal and reality.

The symptoms include lethargy, apathy, and even a mind depression.

Sakura Hostel got 2 infected patients.

May Sick.jpg
While Tomoe and Ebichan is working hard core...

May Sick2.jpg
These sickies are playing games.

Tsuyoshi: I feel lethargic...

Naoto: I don't feel like doing anything~.

They are infected with the May sickness even though they are not a freshman anymore.
Work hard, men.

2010/05/12 11:39

Special Lantern of Sanja Matsuri

Asakusa is ready for Sanja Matsuri!
Everywhere in Asakusa has decorated a special lantern (called Chochin in Japanese) of Sanja Matsuri,
like the arcade near from our hostel.
Sanja lanten5.jpg
Both side of the arcade has so many lanterns.
Sanja lanten4.jpgSanja lanten3.jpg

Let's put the ちょうちん(Chouchin) in front of our hostel, too!
Nice pose, Tsuyoshi lol
Sanja lanten.jpg

Sanja lanten2.jpg

2010/05/05 15:15

Boy's Festival -Tsuyoshi's case-

May 5 is the Boy's festival.
It's time for celebrating and wishing for boys' growth.
Let's display carp-shaped streamers, Samurai dolls, and eat KASHIWA-MOCHI!!


Kashiwa-Mochi is a seasonal Japanese sweet consists of a sweet rice cake
wrapped in kashiwa (oak) leaves.
Oak leaves don’t actually fall until new buds emerge, that's why they are used for the symbol of strength.
There are two types of sweet paste inside the cake; either a sweet bean paste
or a mixture of miso and bean paste.

Tsuyoshi is having Kashiwa-Mochi...
Take one bite,

And he became an a Japanese mixed martial arts fighter.
Don't you think they just look same???

2010/04/22 16:30

New Door Knob

Yaaay! Time for changing a door knob!


Nice and tidy looks.
Good job, Tsuyoshi.

2009/10/13 15:53

☆Sakura Girls☆...and guys.

Welcome to Sakura Hostel Asakusa and thank you for keep reading this weblog!!

We, sakura sisters, are always welcoming people from all over the world♪
Dressed in matching uniforms today★

Tomoe(left), Tomo(middle) and Yuri(right) with big smiles:D

And all were wearing different colors.
Which one do you like?
I like Tomoe's turquoise blue:)

Sakura Family↓↓
All of us have the other two colors.

2009/05/25 14:10

Flowers for the summer☆

What are you planting, Tsuyoshi?

Do you remember that we grew heavenly blues last summer?
These are those seeds we got from them so in other words, it's a second-generation♪
Also, we try to grow bitter gourd (we call it Nigauri) this year.
I'm wondering whether I can gather many nigauri and cook it for our guests;)

In addition, I'm taking care of mini sunflowers now.
↑I just planted 6 of tiny seeds here.
I'm really looking forward to meeting the flowers!

2009/04/22 15:43

One morning behind the desk

What are they doing so seriously?


Seems like they're playing a game...


... seems like Tsuyoshi lost.


Hey guys, you have to go back to work.

2009/04/18 17:13

Tsuyoshi's masterpiece

Before, we had a chaos in the office.

Who made this chaos?

Of course, Naoto did.  ↓↓↓

This morning, Tsuyoshi completed his masterpiece on the wall.

It is very kind and has guidelines for Naoto to know where everything should be put back.

2009/02/12 21:15

Ended in a draw


The last night's game (Japan VS Australia soccer game) ended in a draw (scoreless).
Last night, all the Australian guests went to the stadium and the hostel was empty at night only with Tsuyoshi watching the game on TV by himself. He is a big fan of soccer.

Hope both of us will go to the World Cup and be line for the championship.

2009/01/26 13:37

Happy birthday, Tsuyoshi&Naoto!!

On 20th was Tsuyoshi's birthday!!
He turned to be 35 years old.
After Koji left, you became the oldest staff here.
You are our big reliable brother!

On 26th, today, is Naoto's birthday!!
He is now, 32 years old.
As he was working overnight, looked sleepy...
You are so kind to everyone, but not to me:P

Happy birthday from all of your lovely co-workers;)

2009/01/05 15:35

flu season...

As you can see, they have a cold right now.
Fortunately, it's not a flu but they are suffering from runny and stuffy noses:(

Once one staff catch a cold, then the other get the next.
I hope it won't be my turn....I already got twice this winter.

2008/12/24 15:24

Super Mario brothers at Sakura Hostel Asakusa

How are you spending your christmas holidays?
I'll report our christmas party which was held on the last night.
First of all, we watched the movie together.
"Love Actually" is one of my fovorite one:)
Have you ever watched before?

The main part of this time was Tsuyoshi&Naoto's magic show!
When they were practicing, I saw their tricks many many times
but I could still enjoyed them;)
It was soooo funny.

Look at their mustache.
I painted it for them to be Super Mario brothers:D

Our guests also seemed enjoyed themselves.
The next year will be much trickier...I guess☆

Of course, we had a bingo game.
All could get one prize and lucky person got Yukata!
I hope they would like it.

Thank you for joining our party♪

Special Thanks to Tanaka san;)

2008/09/25 15:02

The result was...

They look so excited!!
They played 4 matches in a day!
But...they lost all the games though some of them got goals:P

We think that it's a good chance to communicate with the other staffs
at our sister hotels and companies:)
They enjoyed a lot, anyway♪
I hope they will win the next time☆

2008/09/06 13:51

Sakura F.C.

Tsuyoshi just joined Sakura Football team and got new uniform today!
His team mates are Sakura group staff and tennants of Sakura House.
It sounds fun!

2008/08/11 08:57

Our schedule.

It is Tsuyoshi's duty to make our shift work schedule every month.
As it looks a complicate puzzle, he always gets confused like this↓↓

We can request our days off till dead line day but if we ask after that,
he will get angry but accept after all:P
Have our schedule of the next month fixed??
When are my days off??

2008/07/28 14:52

After the vacation.

As you might know that all of the staff here love travelling like you
and we are always ready to go somewhere if we get holidays.
Some of us (including me) fall into depression if we don't go anywhere morre than half a year:P

Look at their refreshed faces:)
They have just came back from their vacation.
Tsuyoshi went to Nagano and had a great time with the beautiful outdoors.
Tomoe stayed around Izu area and enjoyed beaches there.

Both of them got good tan!!
Actually, Tsuyoshi is suffering from that pain because of sunburn.

When is my turn??

2008/07/11 13:58

Tsuyoshi -the booze king

Our oni-chan (Tsuyoshi) is a booze king. How booze king is he?

This is my glass↓

tomo beer.jpg

This is his↓

onichan beer.jpg

2008/07/06 16:28

Summer has come ♪

natsu.jpgWho loves summer? I do!

Fireworks festivals, going to beach, barbecue, cold beer...
Only fun things come to my mind when I hear "summer. "

Yet, one thing is..., it's hot in Tokyo, hot like being baked on a pan (T-T)
The high temperature in Tokyo yesterday was more than 30 ℃.
And humid, humid like in a sauna...

Oops, I'm not trying to discourage you guys from coming to Tokyo in Summer.
It's still fun! Look at this big smile on Tsuyoshi's face.


2008/06/11 22:35

a rare shot?


Night manager, Manager and..... Booze King.
We seldom see three of us behind the counter at the same time ☆

2006/11/21 14:25


Do you know the largest refrigerator in the world?
Tokyo Dome becomes the refrigerator on December 9.
Because X-TRAIL JAM in TOKYO DOME is held there.
A famous snowboarder comes all over the world for the one make contest.
The highest jump will be able to be seen.

2006/11/20 14:55

FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2006

Here is National Stadium at the center of Tokyo.
A big rally will be held here next month.
FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2006 is the World Cup of the club team.
Do you think that what team wins the championship?
Barcelona FC is strong.
Internacional is also powerful as the team in South America.
I assist in the team in Asia as a Japanese.