2011/01/01 16:33

New Year Greetings from Sakura Hostel Asakusa

Happy New Year 2011 !!
We are very grateful to you for the kindness you showed us last year.

New year's Day is considered to be the most important annual event in Japan.
Nowadays, we wear kimono not as daily wear, but as our best clothes.
So, some people wear kimono for special occasions like New Year.

Look at today's Sakura Girls !!
How gorgeous today's Sakura Hostel Asakusa is !!

着物 001.jpg

V-sign matches better to us !?
着物 007.jpg

Our Regular Position
着物 009.jpg

What a lucky boy you are, Mauricio !!
着物 010.jpg

We look forward to seeing you all this year as well.
May year 2011 turn out to be the happiest and the best for you.

2010/12/14 17:44

Tokyo Architecture -Omotesando

Walking through the cosplay girls town Harajuku, you will find luxury brands and top architects in Omotesando that is one of the most fashionable shopping districts, Tokyo’s famous tree-lined street. Below are the buildings on the cutting-edge of architectural design in Omotesando area.

tods omotesan.jpg
[Address] 5-1-15 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
It's designed in the image of zelkova tree just like the boulevard trees on Omotesando street.

Dior Omotesando
dior omotesando.jpg
[Address] 5-9-11 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

PRADA Aoyama Butique
prada aoyama.jpg
[Address] 5-2-6 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
The argyle glasses make the stereoscopic surface that is impressive.
It's designed by Herzog & de Meuron whose works have such strong impact that we can see at the National Stadium Beijing or Allianz Arena (a football stadium in Germany).
Birds_Nest_at_Night.jpg bayern-munih-allianz-arena-stadi.jpg

Omotesando Hills
Built in 2005. Designed by Tadao Ando, and contains over 130 shops and 38 apartments.
The “Spiral Slope” ramp spiraling around the six-level atrium space in a gradient roughly the equal to that of Omotesando.

Now, this shopping complex is full of the Christmas color.
omotesando hills.jpg

And not only those buildings, so lucky if you are in Tokyo now ;-)
Omotesando street is amazingly decorated by the Christmas illumination.

omotesando illumi.jpg

omotesando illumi2.jpg

Isn't it so romantic! You can see this illumination until 10th of January.
Enjoy the Tokyo winter :-)

2010/09/27 21:52

Manga @Sakura Hostel Asakusa

If you have stayed at Sakura Hostel Asakusa, you've probably seen some illustration everywhere in the building.
Since I'm not good at doing computer work such as Excel, Word, or Photoshop..., instead of that, I've been drawing those pictures for the notice around the hostel.

I'm happy if you like them♪
Let me introduce some of my "works" ;)

Guest storage

Are you checking out?

Ramen Map

Bed making

Fridge cleaning

Noodles 200 yen!

Rental mobile phone (Jimmy-san)

Most visits from last month!

No smoking please! << This is my favorite :)

Hostel T-shirts

And my latest illustration is.. "I've safely arrived in Tokyo"
You can post a message on Facebook or Twitter from our PC to tell your safe arrival to your friends and family!

Hope you enjoy them ;)

2010/09/24 16:40

Tokyo Metro Ginza Line - the oldest subway

If you choose your accommodation in Asakusa for your Tokyo stay, you cannot travel around without Ginza subway line.
Ginza line runs between Asakusa and Shibuya, and stops at the main attractions such as Ueno, Akihabara, Ginza, Akasaka and Aoyama/Harajuku area.


You might have thought that the cars of Ginza line are pretty small when you compare to the other subway lines or train, and the stations may look old.

It's because Ginza line is the oldest subway line in Tokyo.
Acutally, the first underground railway not only in Japan, but in Asia!! Isn't it cool? ;)


Upon its opening in 1927, the line was only between Asakusa and Ueno.
It was so popular, so people often had to wait for 2 hours to get on the subway for 5 minutes trip!

Now Ginza line runs every 3 minutes, and takes a lot of people around the big city Tokyo by the smallest cars. It's shown color orange 21px-Subway_TokyoGinza.png on the metro map.


Tokyo Metro >>
Metro One-Day Pass >>

The Tokyo Subway Route Map is just like a colorful cobweb. I like it!

Is Tokyo transportation too complicating? Don't know what's the quickest way?
Don't worry, we're always happy to figure out the best way for you ;)

Have a nice Metro trip!

2010/09/23 15:08


The Naoshima island is one of the hot spots in Japan for art and nature lovers.

There are modern art museums, and also some art projects such as remaking an abandoned house into an art or so in the islands in the Seto Inland Sea, which has been attracting a lot of interest around the world.

This is the place, art and the beautiful nature of the island coexistent, I think.
You will be in love with the relaxing experience :)

Naoshima >>

Naoshima is one of the sites of "Setouchi International Art Festival 2010" that is taking place from July 19th through October 31st, featuring 75 Artists and Projects and 16 Events from 18 countries and Regions
Let's walk around the islands, then you will bump into the artworks!

setouchi5.jpg setouchiart6.jpg
setouchiart8.jpg setouchiart4.jpg


By flight >> from Tokyo to Takamatsu (70 mins), and ferry to Miyanoura Port (50 mins)
By train >> JR Shinkansen from Tokyo to Okayama (5 hours),
and ferry from Uno Port to ferry to Miyanoura Port (20 mins)


It's actually a bit far from Tokyo, but why don't you feel the artistic breeze in the island? ;)

2010/09/08 13:01

Panda is so cute!!

Have you ever seen a real Giant Panda?
They are so cute!!

Twin pandas

Mother and child

Baby pandas

Sporty panda

Panda only lives in China, but did you know you can meet them in Japan as well?

Those twin baby pandas that born last month are recentely shown to the pablic in Adventure World in Wakayama prefecture.
They have grown 5 times bigger than their birth 3 weeks ago, but I think they are still so small. I can't believe how tiny the newborn babies are!

Wanna see panda, but Wakayama is too far from Tokyo?

Then, good news for you :)
Panda couples are coming to Tokyo, Ueno Zoo next spring.
We are so excited about that!

By the way, the rental fee for Panda that Tokyo will pay to China is USD 950,000 every year. WOW!

Anyways, it's just 5 minutes ride on subway from Asakusa to Ueno Zoo.
Why not going to see the lovely panda? I can't wait for their arrival in Tokyo :D


2010/09/06 22:04

Designers from Hawaii

Roberta (left) and Sierra (right) from Hawaii recently stayed at Sakura Hostel for about a week.


Everyday when I saw them, they were in such pretty dresses, so I was wondering if they are models or so.

And finally, I found that they are designers from Hawaii!!
Hmmm, make sense!

They were here to exhibit their works at the event, "room 21" that held in Harajuku last weekend.

I like their "Eco-friendly" style, and just love the design :)
Let's check out their brand☆

Sierra Dew
"Sierra Dew is a lifestyle brand that strives to create trendsetting "conscious" wearable art for the contemporary woman." from her website >>

Roberta Oaks

The shop

I found this photo on Roberta's facebook page
I think it's really pretty, isn't it? I love to visit this sweet shop next time when I'm in Honolulu XD

Thanks again guys for staying with us!
We're sure to see your fashion item in Japan in the near future :) Aloha!

2010/09/01 15:11

Farewell Party for Ryoko

We had farewell party for Ryoko last night.
She worked in Sakura hostel for a half year, and took charge of our staff blog.
I think you enjoyed her blog a lot.
Now, she decided to start her new life in the U.S.
She will work in Disney Land in Florida for a year!!
We believe she do a good job over there as well as in Sakura hostel.

Here are some photos we took last night.

with her best friend Enocchi


Sakura Girls!!


We gave her message card.
Was she so happy that she couldn't help crying!?


We will miss you, Ryoko!!
Come to see us when you come back to Japan!!


2010/08/29 19:40

What time is it now?

What are you doing Naoto??
Are you fixing the ceiling?


Do you recognize what's new with our front desk??

Yes, we have WORLD TIME CLOCK now!
When you make a phone call to your family or friends while you are travelling, you may take some time to figure out the time difference.
But now, those clocks help you to find out what time at your home :D


Rio de Janeiro!

New York!



It was Naoto's long-cherished dream.. and finally Benjamin made his dream come true!
Ben-chan designed those clocks. Great job!

Tokyo time?
Our Totoro clock is still here :)

2010/08/28 21:08

Magical Beer!?

Are you allowed to drink beer when you drive a car in your country?
Japanese law prohibit to take alcohol when you drive a car.
That's because driving while slightly drunk causes serious traffic accident.

When you go out camping with your friends in your driving,
it's only you who are not allowed to drink beer while your friends enjoy BBQ with beer?
Can't you stand such a situation??

Have you ever heard of non-alcohol beer?
Recently, non-alcohol beer began to be put on Japanese market.
The taste is a bit different from original beer.
I think bitterness gets mild.
Anyway, Alcohol 0%
There's no problem as long as you drink this beer!!

photos 252.jpg

About myself,
somehow I felt getting drunk a little bit, even though it's 0% alcohol.
I don't drink alcohol so much, and I'm not accustomed to the alcohol taste itself.
Maybe, that's why I felt drunk.

photos 255.jpg

Now, do you want to try this beer?

2010/08/23 15:20

My last day in Sakura


Today is my last day working here.
Time flies so fast these past 6 months.
I really liked the international atmosphere here.

I'm glad to work with awesome Sakura staffs.
Everyone has interesting characteristics;
Tsuyoshi=Looks scary, but warm hearted
Naoto=Not only just a crazy fighter, but a laid back & generous guy
kuri.jpg Tomoe=Shy and indoor image at first, but friendly, active, and surprisingly beer lover
Ebi=Sensitive guy in contrast to his wild appearance
Jack=Supportive and gentle, but keeping a gang sta mind in secret

Johrel=Fashionable and peaceful, but scared at a cockroach
Enoki=Serious and organized, at the same time, funny and hilarious

Instead of me writing this blog, new staffs, Agu and Aki will take care of it.
They'll give you lots of info about Japan from their different perspective.

I'm going to the States for a year to work as a cultural representative.
Working here at Sakura gave me good opportunity to share my own culture
and customs with guests from all over the world.

This place is the second home for guests, but for me at the same time.

I'll definitely stop by sometimes to say hello.

See you then!! Muah!!

2010/08/08 15:44

We ♥ Himonoya!!!


"Himonoya" is such a nice Izakaya restaurant.
It's just 8 mins walk from the hostel.
It delivers a nice interior design, together with all the classics of Japanese izakaya food,
like yakitori, grilled fish, salads, etc., and a wide variety of drinks.

We played interesting masks that were hanged on the wall.
I can't tell the difference between Enoki and this funny mask.
ben kai 031.jpg

Tomoe and Johrel
ben kai 033.jpg

Haha, Ben chan. You look like Namahage.
ben kai 030.jpg

Namahage= A person dressed as scary looking demon, and scare young children
in the houses to encourage them to obey their parents and to behave.

Hit the Taiko (Japanese drum) to call the servers
ben kai 034.jpg

Naoto loves to go there during lunch time.
Lunch menu is just 580~680yen includes main dish, miso soup, Rice and natto (sticky beans).
You can get rice and natto as much you can.
Naoto always has at least 2 rice bowls and 2 natto packs.
That's why he gains 2kg recently. lol

ben kai 029.jpg

Their size of beer mug is quite amazing!! That's HUGE!!

Even though you are good at chugging a beer like this guy, you would have hard time.
ben kai 037.jpg

Himonoya is our paradise!!!
ben kai 028.jpg

ben kai 040.jpg

2010/08/02 19:04

Why Japanese people make the ''V'' sign when one is having one's picture taken?

Say Cheese!


1, 2, 3...Cheese!



When Japanese people are taken a picture, they make the ''V sign'' or ''Peace sign.''

How does this custom come from?
Although it's not known when the V sign first came into use, it's said that Prime Minister
Winston Churchill of England made a pose of ''V sign'' during World War II to show his intention
of winning the war against Germany.

During the Vietnam war, anti-war protests used the sign to show ''peace'' which caught on in Japan.

The other story is that about 30 years ago, the popular Japanese star Jun Inoue appeared on
a Konica photo camera commercial and make his own style peace sign.
It became famous instantly in Japan.

The Peace sign spreads throughout the country!!!

Be Japanese, make the V sign!!!!!!!

2010/07/30 21:33

Wanna beach??

What's summer for you?
Summer = beach !?
I recommend some nice beaches in Japan today :)

If you have enough time and money, Okinawa is definitely the best to visit!


Okinawa is southen islands about 1,600 km away from Tokyo.
Especially, the small islands are great to relax, and the coral reef are amazing!!

The flight from Tokyo to Okinawa (main island) takes 2.5 hours, and costs about 33,000 yen (one way). Okinawa has many cheap hostels, budget hotels, and of cource gorgeous hotels as well ;)


If you have time, but not enough money to fly, I recommend Izu area which is the closest paradise from Tokyo!
Izu is a peninsula, and there're many beautiful beaches in the south part of it.
You can enjoy variety of marine sports such as diving, surfing, fishing, sea kayaking and so on.



If you take express trains, takes 2.5 hours from Tokyo, and costs about 7,000 yen (one way).
If you take local trains, takes 3.5 hours, and costs only 4,000 yen.

Izu is also known for hot spa.
Swim in the lovely beach, have sea food BBQ, and take hot spa! It would make you so much refreshed :)

IZU >>

If you want to go for 1 day trip to lay down, or feel the sea breeze, Shonan beach would be nice.


It's just 1 hour ride on the train from Tokyo, and costs about 1,000 yen to get there. Near Kamakura, and nice to explore the city too.
Many cool beach houses are recently built in summer only, and they're having parties during the holiday =)
Yuigahama beach houses >> (sorry, only in Japanese)

Everyone, don't work too hard!
It's time for beaches ;D

2010/07/29 19:59

''What is your blood type?''

''What is your blood type?''

Westerners might think that this question sounds a little bit creepy.
However, for Japanese people, blood types carry significance and are similar to horoscopes.
Each person with a certain blood type are commonly known to have specific
characteristics and traits.
There are four blood types: A, B, O and AB.
If you don't know your blood type, Japanese people will be shocked.

According to the blood type assessment,
A-type people are regarded as calm, polite, responsible, sensitive,
blood Enoki.jpg
Type A Enoki
blood Ebi.jpg
Type A Ebi

but also they are perfectionists, anxious, nervous and over cautions.
blood Ryoko.jpg
Type A Ryoko

B-type people are strong, creative, outgoing, optimistic, flexible,
more laid-back who do things at their own pace, but eccentric and selfish.
blood B.jpg
Type B Jack

O-type people are curious, generous, romantic and tolerant.
blood Tomoe.jpg
Type O Tomoe
blood Johrel.jpg
Type O Johrel
blood O.jpg
Type O Naoto & Ben chan

They love to be the center of attention and appear very self confident.
They don''t always finish what they start.

AB-type people have both types of A and B, so they are shy and outgoing,
blood AB 1.jpg
Tsuyoshi B side
They easily switch from one opposite to another.
blood AB.jpg
Tsuyoshi A side
They are trustworthy and responsible, but can't handle it when too much is asked of them.

Most Japanese are type A while most Westerners are type O.

The reason why Japanese like linking blood types to personality is that
Japanese are group-oriented.
Japanese do not like to be isolated to do things differently from others.
They are fond to stick together: eating, working, or traveling in a group.
Being with people of the same ''blood'' gives them a kind of carefreeness and joy.

Are you getting interested knowing your blood type???

2010/07/26 17:52


It was 35℃ in Tokyo today again... ahhhh
It's not the temperature to work!!

Yes! I'm going to beach for the escape from this heated Tokyo XD

Beach & Beer & BBQ & Beer&Beer !! lol
What a fantastic vacation♪ YAY!

2010/07/20 09:58

Morning glory

This morning, I found the first 2 flowers in our hostel garden!
How pretty they are :)

Tsuyoshi planted some morning glory in May, and they finally come into flowers!

June 1st
2asagao june1st.jpg

June 21st

Now they are this tall, and make us feel cool with the green wall.

We will have blue, red and pink flowers of morning glory, and yellow one of bitter gourd here.
I'm looking forward to this wall becomes full of colorful flowers :)

In Japan, we grow some morning glory in a pot each and every kids at elementary school.
They take it home on the last day, and grow them at home during the summer holiday. It's one of the summer homework.

It seems like begging thier summer holiday at most schools in Japan.
Let's enjoy heated Tokyo summer!!

2010/07/15 21:08

☆☆ Happy Birthday SAKURA HOSTEL ☆☆

I'm so happy to be here on our 4th anniversary today!!
Time flies so fast. It's been 4 years since we opened. Can you believe it!?

Everything was new, and we created our hostel one by one at first. The reception looked like so empty or just too clean when we started here, didn't it?
Of course, we had a great team already though!

More than half of the member in the above photo left this hostel, and live in their new place :D
Do you remember all? I hope everyone is having a happy life!

And now, we have welcomed lots of guests from all over the world, and it became such a lovely hostel☆


Thanks so much to you all for sharing the special time with us at Sakura Hostel Asakusa.
And you who are coming to Tokyo sometime in the future, we're very much looking forward to seeing you =D

We're still growing up! Keep your eyes on Sakura Hostel Asakusa ;)

Love you all xxxxx

2010/07/11 22:13

Asakusa Silk Pudding

Do you know there is a famous pudding shop in Asakusa which appeared in guidebooks, magazines and TV show many times.


"Asakusa Silk Pudding (浅草シルクプリン)" is just so yummy!
They have 9 flavors of pudding such as milk, black sesame, caramel, green tea, strawberry, coffee, cheese, chocolate and royal milk tea. What a tempting selection!


They stick to a material and the recipe, and the pudding is as smooth as silk, true to its name.

Why not try them!?

... ( ̄▽ ̄)

Here it is!!

I had green tea flavor. If you're interested in Japan, you must know how Japanese people love Maccha, and this is the one you should try!

Jack liked his black sesame pudding very much. The sweet sauce at the bottom is the most delicious part!


The one Ryoko chose is "Premium Milk Pudding" which has the most rich taste and the most expensive one! (500 yen) Yeah, it was actually really good!

Oh boss, don't get me wrong! We are not goofing off at work. We had to eat them to recommend our guests this lovely Asakusa sweets =P

2010/07/01 22:48

International Hostel ☆

It's the 1st of July today! = summer now XD yay!

And time to announce 'The Most Visits from Last Month'!
It's was..... USA in June!!

most visits.jpg

About June.. The world cup spectacularly started on the 6th, and we saw lots of guests from all over the world just get crazy about this worldwide festival together!

korean guests.jpgwatching.jpg

Isn't it amazing!?
I just love it!

You didn't find your country in the list?
OK! Here is the all nationalities for June visitors at our hostel!

11: Mexico
12: Netherlands
13: Switzerland
14: Denmark
15: Singapore
16: Finland
17: Italy
18: Hong Kong
19: Philippine
20: China
21: Colombia
22: Ireland
23: Taiwan
24: Brazil
25: Malaysia
26: New Zealand
27: Israel
28: Portugal
29: Poland
30: Ukraine
31: Belgium
32: Greece
33: Russia
34: Argentina
35: New Caledonia
36: Austria
37: Cyprus
38: Norway
39: Turkey
40: Swaziland
41: Viet Nam
42: Czech
43: Hungary
44: Uzbekistan
45: Romania
46: Lesotho
47: Laos
48: India

That's all in June!! What an international hostel we are =D
I'm so glad to meet many nice people every day, and share a special time together!

Still not in this list?
Then it's time for you to make the record. Come see us☆

2010/06/08 21:14

Neo Stall Village Super Night

Do you like beer? I love it especially in Summer!

We have many Beer Gardens open during summer season.
I just found an information of 'Neo Stall Village Super Night' on June 11th which looks so nice.


They usually appear at lunch time on weekdays there.

The colorful small cars are so cute☆ You'll see many people are waiting in a queue at each stalls as it is in a business town in a middle of Tokyo.

There will be live music, and 20 stalls selling food such as kebab, curry, tacos, noodles and of course BEER on Friday night!

One draft beer is 400 yen, but if you purchase a reuse cup for 800 yen there, you'll get 100 yen off for each beer =D
Let's hope it will be a nice warm (not too hot) evening on Friday!

Date: June 11th, 2010 (Fri)
Time: 6PM - 10PM
@ Tokyo International Forum [Access]

2010/06/06 10:01

FIFA World Cup Uniform Collections

Tsuyoshi got national uniforms, and all staff wear them for FIFA world cup next week!!!

FIFA Uniform 13.jpg

FIFA Uniform.jpg

FIFA Uniform 5.jpg
FIFA Uniform 3.jpg

FIFA Uniform 14.jpg

Portugal !
FIFA Uniform 10.jpg

FIFA Uniform 9.jpg
FIFA Uniform 2.jpg

FIFA Uniform 11.jpg

FIFA Uniform 4.jpg

We are waiting for your arrival with passionate heart.
FIFA Uniform 12.jpg

2010/06/01 18:49

My wish..

As looking at our recent weblog, I just realized that there are pretty much photos of male staff, but not girls which is quite depressing... lol
I'm very very very much looking forward to seeing a pretty girl as our new coworker!
Let's hope her appearance soon☆

World Cup is almost here!

Are you excited about World Cup?

Let's watch the games together at our hostel, and have a party!


We have the matches schedule now.
Check it out, and don't miss your favorite games!


Sakura Hostel Garden☆

This is almost annual event at Sakura Hostel.
Tsuyoshi just started to grow morning glory. The seeds are the third generation!

He looks so happy to see their growing, doesn't he? :D


Today, he found the first leaves came out. They are so pretty!


We can't wait to see them bearing flowers in Summer. Gambare♪

2010/05/16 19:16

Sanja Matsuri - Where is the Mikoshi ?-

Today is the final day of "Sanja Matsuri"
So many people in Happi in Asakusa.

Too much !!

And I tried to take a picture of Mikoshi(portable shrines) for this blog.
But I could not find it.
Where is it ?
Are Men taking a rest now?

But, no problem.
I'm very happy because there are a lot of food stalls.



Taste is terrific !

When I came back to hostel, Tomoe was angry.
"Why didn't you take any pictures of Mikoshi ?"


I'm sorry.
Please forgive me, this is a present, Takoyaki(octopus dumpling) for you.

2010/05/13 21:07


Do you know this beautiful singer?

Her name is Goldee.
We found her song on Youtube the next moment I fell in love with it!!
Click the photo!↓↓
goldee (1).jpg

It just makes me wish to fly to the Caribbean beach!

Guess how I found her.
Yeah! She was recently in Tokyo to take her new music video and stayed at our hostel!! =D

Goldee, thanks for staying with us!
I'm very much looking forward to seeing you in the new video ;)

2010/05/08 20:17

For Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day tomorrow, on May 9th in Japan.

What special things do you do on Mother's Day?
On the day, many people give carnations to their mother.

So do I, I bought a potted carnation to give my mom tomorrow.
Isn't it pretty?
mom's day.JPG

Thanks a lot mom :D

2010/05/06 19:05

April No.1!!

You can easily tell which country we welcomed people come from the most in April if you were here!

Yes! France was No.1!!
most visits.JPG

Special thanks to Nicolas Brun♪
It's always great to see you!
I believe we can see you again very soon :D

Merci beaucoup!

2010/05/02 16:00

Welcome back Danilo-san!

Danilo-san from Italy came back to our hostel for the first time in almost a year!
He brought some photos of staff taken at his last time stay. Thank you soo much, Danilo-san!
He is always smiling, and very very kind.

Danilo 2010
danilo 2010.jpg

Danilo 2009
danilo 2009.jpg

You must have changed the spectacle case in the past year!

We look forward to update your photo in 2011 again :D 
Take care for now☆

Actually he does.


His T-shirt says "I don't speak Japanese."
You liar! I heard you were speaking very good Japanese!! :D

Hola ♪

from harris.jpg

Harris from Colombia brought us some gift.
A pretty drawing from Colombia and sweets from Spain :D
We love them so much!
Muchas gracias!!

Check Harris's blog!
You find some cool photos of Tokyo on his website!!

2010/04/30 18:06

Run Tomoe! @ PARACUP 2010

You know what, I participated in a half marathon last Sunday!
"PARACUP" is a charlity marathon that is held every year since 2005 to help deprived children
all around the world.

One of my friends from high school, Ayako asked me to the marathon a few months ago,
and I just said "YES!" :D Not much training = I was so lazy, but I just wanted to try!

Me (left) and Ayako

There were 1,500 people in this race.
↓ Waiting for the start!

Running by Tamagawa River.
It was such a nice day for marathon!

↓ Many volunteers cheering the runners!
The board says "We can make it together". Yes, we can!

It was my first try to run such a long distance.
I found it is really hard, but running with many people, and the cheers of the volunteers gave me power,
and finally it was so much fun :D

I had a muscle ache soooo bad after, but now almost recovered.
Maybe I start runinng tomorrow again♪ not today.
Anyone wanna be my company next time? ;)

2010/03/27 03:10

It's been a week...

It's been a week since Yuri left the hostel. We had a farewell party for her last week at a cozy Korean restaurant in Asakusa.
It's very rare to get together and have dinner like we did last week.
We sure had a great time getting together outside of work.

We gave her dish sets as a wedding gift.
Last night, she sent us an email with a photo.
Look, she's already making use of our gift! (^o^)/
The meal looks so good! I didn't know Yuri can cook.

Anyway, we are happy for her and hope that they have a great life together.
Come visit us anytime, Yuri, the staff and our guests are waiting for you☆☆

2009/10/13 15:53

☆Sakura Girls☆...and guys.

Welcome to Sakura Hostel Asakusa and thank you for keep reading this weblog!!

We, sakura sisters, are always welcoming people from all over the world♪
Dressed in matching uniforms today★

Tomoe(left), Tomo(middle) and Yuri(right) with big smiles:D

And all were wearing different colors.
Which one do you like?
I like Tomoe's turquoise blue:)

Sakura Family↓↓
All of us have the other two colors.

2009/09/26 10:21

Room with sunset view?

Tomoe watched a gorgeous sunset one day.

The view of sunset that Tomoe saw from one of our rooms.

It was so beautiful that she told me to go out and see it, too.
As I am one of the laziest persons in the world, it took me time to raise myself up from the chair.
It's already gone when I went outside to see it...., too late :'-(

2009/05/15 14:32


As Tomo posted on the 9th, Tomoe was in Hawaii and just returned to work today:)
She is not so tanned as we've expected but looks very refreshed;)

We got some nice cookies and nuts from her♪

*Mahalo means thank you in Hawaii.

2009/05/09 16:07

Tomoe on Vacation♪♪♪

You won't see Tomoe for a week because she is in.....





She went to attend her friend's wedding and is enjoying her holidays in Hawaii. Nice!
Let's see how much she will be tanned when she's back.

Tomoe, don't forget to buy some Downy from there besides some sweets for Yuri.
See you in a week!

2009/04/19 15:26

Tomoe's masterpiece again

Moshi moshi, Jimmy speaking♪  


2009/04/05 14:08

Sakura Hostel's Sakura Trees

Do you remember the names of our sakura (cherry) trees??


We named them "Satsuki" and "May" when they were planted two years ago.
I don't remember which is which, though.


They are in full bloom now but are still baby trees♪

2009/02/28 15:05

Tomoe's masterpiece☆

You are NOT allow to smoke anywhere inside Sakura hostel.
It's gonna be a big problem if you smoke in your room and
activate a fire alarm system as this poster says...

Please come down for smoking at our terrace or in front of the entrance.
Thank you for your cooperation:)

2009/02/22 15:14

Who left these?

One day I came here to work, I found some guns on the table.
Everytime guests leave something, it's gonna be our toys for a while.
Especially, Naoto...

2009/02/09 12:37

On the 11th...

If you are a football supporter, you should know we have a big match on 11th in Yokohama.
Japan VS Australia!!
More than half of our guests are now, from Australia and
they are members of Green and Gold Army(GG Army)

They are wearing this uniform all the time.↑↑
Tomoe said that there are many Australian around the town.

I'm not a big fan of a football but I hope Japan would win the game:P

2008/07/28 14:52

After the vacation.

As you might know that all of the staff here love travelling like you
and we are always ready to go somewhere if we get holidays.
Some of us (including me) fall into depression if we don't go anywhere morre than half a year:P

Look at their refreshed faces:)
They have just came back from their vacation.
Tsuyoshi went to Nagano and had a great time with the beautiful outdoors.
Tomoe stayed around Izu area and enjoyed beaches there.

Both of them got good tan!!
Actually, Tsuyoshi is suffering from that pain because of sunburn.

When is my turn??

2008/03/16 16:25

Thank you, Ko-san

Anybody remembers him? He is one of our repeat Japanese customers.

Ko-san drop by the hostel yesterday to give Tomoe (Today is Tomoe's birthday☆) birthday presents. Look at this cute pink cake! Ko-san picked it for her because it is the color of "sakura."
ko san.jpg

Sorry, Yuri-chan. We ate it up while you were off :P We are keeping the wine unopened, though.
ko san 2.jpg

2007/11/24 15:49

Check It Out!!

Our promotion movie has just completed!
That's very awesome☆
You can find me and Tomoe in this video;) or you may on this video, too?
I should have put on makeup more!

Please let us know how you feel★

2007/09/17 19:19

Stay cool, Aki :)

One of our new Sakura members, Aki finised working for 1 and half month with us in Asakusa, and moved to our sister hotel, Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro yesterday.
He was attentive and friendly to everyone.
Oh, and I have to say that I loved the towels he folded up neatly :)

We'll miss you!


P.S. Aki, I hope we'll have a chance to work together again, and let's have some beer sometime soon☆

2007/04/19 19:10


Sebastian and Hiromi. Kanpa?i


Our friend Sebastian who stayed in Sakura Hostel before brought yummy yummy German sausages from his going back home and served them for us. We enjoyed his dishes and such a nice beer♪ Oops! Hiromi and I were supposed to be at work then, weren't we? ;)

2006/11/07 15:58

Cool! Tomoe!!

On Japanese traditional night, Tomoe played Noh.
The last time she played , I couldn't see it well because I needed to stay the front desk.
This time, I had my co-workers and I could watch her play very well.
Her performance drew the audience into her play and song...of course me,too.

If you would like to try to drink MACCHA, japanese powdered green tea, please ask me anytime.
I'm willing to entertain you☆

2006/09/30 16:45


Hello, this is my first blog!
I'm Tomoe working here since Sakura Hostel Asakusa opened.
I really enjoy meeting lots of guests making us fun^^

We all staffs are happy to make your stay comfortable.
While you are staying here, you might hear that we say “ Okaeri ” (Japanese) to you when you come back from outside. It means like "Welcome back″and you can say "Tadaima″like "I'm home!″
How lovely if you feel at home with us!
I look forward to your "Tadaima″(^-^*)/

See you☆ (Matane!)