2010/09/16 15:16

Sumo Tour Report on Sep 15th

Our sumo tour was held on Sep 15th.
This time, Naoto and Aki were in charge of sumo tour.

They went to Ryogoku with 20 guests by bus.

photos 100小.jpg

Before entering sumo stadium called Kokugikan, they had lunch at Chanko restaurant.
The restaurant they went is Chanko Edogawa.


Unfortunately, they don't have English page.
Just take a look at what Chanko is.

They were satisfied with yummy Chanko, and got in Kokugikan with happy smile.
Ring entering ceremony started around 4:00.

photos 104小.jpg

One of the most famouse sumo wrestler, Yokozuna Hakuho, won the match yesterday.
He succeed in 51 continuous winning so far.
Awesome !!
This record is the third in sumo history.

We have sumo tour again on Sep 22nd.
At that time, he might update his record and become the first in sumo history!?
It's going to be so exciting, isn't it?

2010/09/01 15:11

Farewell Party for Ryoko

We had farewell party for Ryoko last night.
She worked in Sakura hostel for a half year, and took charge of our staff blog.
I think you enjoyed her blog a lot.
Now, she decided to start her new life in the U.S.
She will work in Disney Land in Florida for a year!!
We believe she do a good job over there as well as in Sakura hostel.

Here are some photos we took last night.

with her best friend Enocchi


Sakura Girls!!


We gave her message card.
Was she so happy that she couldn't help crying!?


We will miss you, Ryoko!!
Come to see us when you come back to Japan!!


2010/08/29 19:40

What time is it now?

What are you doing Naoto??
Are you fixing the ceiling?


Do you recognize what's new with our front desk??

Yes, we have WORLD TIME CLOCK now!
When you make a phone call to your family or friends while you are travelling, you may take some time to figure out the time difference.
But now, those clocks help you to find out what time at your home :D


Rio de Janeiro!

New York!



It was Naoto's long-cherished dream.. and finally Benjamin made his dream come true!
Ben-chan designed those clocks. Great job!

Tokyo time?
Our Totoro clock is still here :)

2010/08/23 15:20

My last day in Sakura


Today is my last day working here.
Time flies so fast these past 6 months.
I really liked the international atmosphere here.

I'm glad to work with awesome Sakura staffs.
Everyone has interesting characteristics;
Tsuyoshi=Looks scary, but warm hearted
Naoto=Not only just a crazy fighter, but a laid back & generous guy
kuri.jpg Tomoe=Shy and indoor image at first, but friendly, active, and surprisingly beer lover
Ebi=Sensitive guy in contrast to his wild appearance
Jack=Supportive and gentle, but keeping a gang sta mind in secret

Johrel=Fashionable and peaceful, but scared at a cockroach
Enoki=Serious and organized, at the same time, funny and hilarious

Instead of me writing this blog, new staffs, Agu and Aki will take care of it.
They'll give you lots of info about Japan from their different perspective.

I'm going to the States for a year to work as a cultural representative.
Working here at Sakura gave me good opportunity to share my own culture
and customs with guests from all over the world.

This place is the second home for guests, but for me at the same time.

I'll definitely stop by sometimes to say hello.

See you then!! Muah!!

2010/08/08 15:44

We ♥ Himonoya!!!


"Himonoya" is such a nice Izakaya restaurant.
It's just 8 mins walk from the hostel.
It delivers a nice interior design, together with all the classics of Japanese izakaya food,
like yakitori, grilled fish, salads, etc., and a wide variety of drinks.

We played interesting masks that were hanged on the wall.
I can't tell the difference between Enoki and this funny mask.
ben kai 031.jpg

Tomoe and Johrel
ben kai 033.jpg

Haha, Ben chan. You look like Namahage.
ben kai 030.jpg

Namahage= A person dressed as scary looking demon, and scare young children
in the houses to encourage them to obey their parents and to behave.

Hit the Taiko (Japanese drum) to call the servers
ben kai 034.jpg

Naoto loves to go there during lunch time.
Lunch menu is just 580~680yen includes main dish, miso soup, Rice and natto (sticky beans).
You can get rice and natto as much you can.
Naoto always has at least 2 rice bowls and 2 natto packs.
That's why he gains 2kg recently. lol

ben kai 029.jpg

Their size of beer mug is quite amazing!! That's HUGE!!

Even though you are good at chugging a beer like this guy, you would have hard time.
ben kai 037.jpg

Himonoya is our paradise!!!
ben kai 028.jpg

ben kai 040.jpg

2010/07/29 19:59

''What is your blood type?''

''What is your blood type?''

Westerners might think that this question sounds a little bit creepy.
However, for Japanese people, blood types carry significance and are similar to horoscopes.
Each person with a certain blood type are commonly known to have specific
characteristics and traits.
There are four blood types: A, B, O and AB.
If you don't know your blood type, Japanese people will be shocked.

According to the blood type assessment,
A-type people are regarded as calm, polite, responsible, sensitive,
blood Enoki.jpg
Type A Enoki
blood Ebi.jpg
Type A Ebi

but also they are perfectionists, anxious, nervous and over cautions.
blood Ryoko.jpg
Type A Ryoko

B-type people are strong, creative, outgoing, optimistic, flexible,
more laid-back who do things at their own pace, but eccentric and selfish.
blood B.jpg
Type B Jack

O-type people are curious, generous, romantic and tolerant.
blood Tomoe.jpg
Type O Tomoe
blood Johrel.jpg
Type O Johrel
blood O.jpg
Type O Naoto & Ben chan

They love to be the center of attention and appear very self confident.
They don''t always finish what they start.

AB-type people have both types of A and B, so they are shy and outgoing,
blood AB 1.jpg
Tsuyoshi B side
They easily switch from one opposite to another.
blood AB.jpg
Tsuyoshi A side
They are trustworthy and responsible, but can't handle it when too much is asked of them.

Most Japanese are type A while most Westerners are type O.

The reason why Japanese like linking blood types to personality is that
Japanese are group-oriented.
Japanese do not like to be isolated to do things differently from others.
They are fond to stick together: eating, working, or traveling in a group.
Being with people of the same ''blood'' gives them a kind of carefreeness and joy.

Are you getting interested knowing your blood type???

2010/07/25 19:14

Getting ready for Rakugo show

We are ready for tonight's Rakugo show.
Rakugo is a Japanese traditional verbal comedy show.

Carrying the Tatami mattress.

Setting up the stage


The stage is completed!

Next, set up the microphone,

Playing with microphone.JPG
Pretending as we are rock star!

Playing with microphone2.JPG

Playing with microphone3.JPG

Playing with microphone4.JPG

Now, everything is completed!
We are so ready for the show!!


2010/06/25 18:16

Why Naoto can't sleep?

2 big reasons

One of the reasons is Japan's victory!!!!
Japan knock off Denmark.
Shibuya was filled with enthusiastic supporters all night long.
I was so excited after watching the game.
I just stayed up and came to work directly.
Now I feel exhausted...
kuri 2.JPG

That means I'm not young enough huh? lol

But the most reason I couldn't sleep is because of......

iPhone 4!!!!

The new iPhone 4 was just released yesterday!

I was standing in line for getting the new iPhone 4. I took the last train to go to Akihabara,
and waited for 10 hours. Some people were already in line 3 days ago. That's insane!
Only 100 people could get the phone on that day.
The 3rd person behind me wasn't able to get it. I was so luckey!

But there is one problem.
I just start having iPhone, so that everything is new to me.
I don't know how to send an e-mail, transfer my old data, and set up a ringtone.
I spent so much time just figure it out.
There is no direction provided, so I have to search everything online.
This is hard for old type guy like me.
somebody, anybody... HELP ME.

I definitely go to “Alcatraz ER.” to get charged by my nurses.

2010/06/23 14:15

The best spots during the rainy season ~Naoto's Case~


The most popular entertainment restaurant in Tokyo, “Alcatraz ER.”

Just watch this video.
You must like their kinky atmosphere.

They offer 3500 yen all you can eat menu included some strange drinks, such as test tube drinks,
and baby bottle drinks.
And there is one more good option.
When you tell them that you have seen their blog, you can get a discount. (3500 yen→1750 yen)
You need to make a reservation before tho.
Check out their website.

Whenever I go there, I feel so... perverted.
Once you go there, it's addicted. At least, it happened to me.

2010/06/20 22:40

Who is the hottest Asian???

The hottest Asian election!
Who do you think is the best looking guy???

Entry No.1










No.6 (on your right)

No.7 (on your left)


Let's Vote!!

2010/06/18 10:36

National Anthem Trivia

The Japanese anthem, 君が代 (Kimi ga yo) has the oldest (9th century) lyrics,
It was written to praise the Emperor system of Japan.
And also it is the one of the world's shortest national anthems.

The lyrics of Kimi ga yo:

Kimi ga yo wa / Chiyo ni yachiyo ni / Sazare ishi no /
Iwao to nari te / Koke no musu made.

English translation:

May the reign of the Emperor/ continue for a thousand, eight thousand generations
and for the eternity / that it takes for small pebbles /to grow into a great rock
/and become covered with moss.

Let's listen with melody.

By the way, do you know the world's oldest national anthem
though the words of the Japanese national anthem (not the music)
date back to the 9 th century?

The answer is...

Their national anthem music was made in 1572.
The melody of Japanese anthem was added in the late 19th century.
Holland's national anthem, ''Het Wilhelmus'''s Wilhelmus is Germany actually.
Does anyone know why Germany is appeared on the Holland's national anthem???

So tomorrow, you should focus on listening both Japan & Holland's national anthem.

Even though Holland has the oldest national anthem music,
we have 2 world's record (oldest & shortest lyrics).
That means, we already beat you up! lol
beat you up.JPG

Well, our hope is that we can get a draw.

Go go Japan!!

2010/06/11 21:25

Where's Naoto?


this guy?


this cutie?

Or this dude?

2010/06/07 12:46

He got it!!

Naoto ordered a Crocs patterned on Brazil soccer team color, and it's arrived!

I wanna get it so bad. It is the coolest Crocks I've ever seen.
Kuririn crocks 2.JPG

And it suits for Brazil soccer uniform!
Kuririn crocks.JPG

2010/06/06 10:01

FIFA World Cup Uniform Collections

Tsuyoshi got national uniforms, and all staff wear them for FIFA world cup next week!!!

FIFA Uniform 13.jpg

FIFA Uniform.jpg

FIFA Uniform 5.jpg
FIFA Uniform 3.jpg

FIFA Uniform 14.jpg

Portugal !
FIFA Uniform 10.jpg

FIFA Uniform 9.jpg
FIFA Uniform 2.jpg

FIFA Uniform 11.jpg

FIFA Uniform 4.jpg

We are waiting for your arrival with passionate heart.
FIFA Uniform 12.jpg

2010/06/03 13:49

Sakura Futsal Night

Last night, we had a futsal.
People from Sakura Hotel, Hostel, and Sakura House got together and play.

Group Picture~

Tsuyoshi, Naoto, Johrel, and Kevin teamed up.
Cheers with beer

Run, Johrel, Run!
Johrel is stretching and getting ready for the next half match.


The game ended in a 3-3 tie.
Good job guys!

By the way, Naoto hasn't had sore muscles by yesterday's futsal so far.
If he gets sore tomorrow, that means he's turning to Oyaji (old men) lol.

2010/05/27 12:56

May Sick

May sickness happens after you've accomplished a major goal,
such as a school entrance, or if you've just gotten a new job.
It also happens when the relationship that started in spring time doesn't work out.
Or when you feel disconnect between ideal and reality.

The symptoms include lethargy, apathy, and even a mind depression.

Sakura Hostel got 2 infected patients.

May Sick.jpg
While Tomoe and Ebichan is working hard core...

May Sick2.jpg
These sickies are playing games.

Tsuyoshi: I feel lethargic...

Naoto: I don't feel like doing anything~.

They are infected with the May sickness even though they are not a freshman anymore.
Work hard, men.

2010/05/14 13:20

Merci, Julian!

Julian gift.jpg
One morning, we got a strange parcel wrapped around black plastics.
I was wondering what if the bomb is rigged inside the box...

Surprisingly, the beautiful fancy box was shining in the parcel.
There were 3 different kind of confectioneries, chocolates, candies, and jellies.

It was from a nice French dude, Julian!
Everyone looks gorgeous!

merci beaucoup

2010/04/22 16:30

New Door Knob

Yaaay! Time for changing a door knob!


Nice and tidy looks.
Good job, Tsuyoshi.

2010/04/20 17:44



The biggest japanese Kick boxing fight will be held on the 2nd of May in Tokyo.

Actually, the tickets are almost sold out!!
Because there are many kick boxing organization and champion in Japan.
They never fight each other except K-1 MAX, that's why all kick boxing fans wanna buy the ticket.
Don't worry, you can check on TV Sakura Hostel on the 2nd of May @25:50-27:50 (mid night) !!!

Otsuki Haruaki is one of my favorite kick boxers.
He's gonna fight on that day!! Don't miss it !!
Check out how strong his punch is.

2010/04/09 20:58

When people get really tired...


They can sleep anywhere.
Naoto had such a long day...

2010/03/27 03:10

It's been a week...

It's been a week since Yuri left the hostel. We had a farewell party for her last week at a cozy Korean restaurant in Asakusa.
It's very rare to get together and have dinner like we did last week.
We sure had a great time getting together outside of work.

We gave her dish sets as a wedding gift.
Last night, she sent us an email with a photo.
Look, she's already making use of our gift! (^o^)/
The meal looks so good! I didn't know Yuri can cook.

Anyway, we are happy for her and hope that they have a great life together.
Come visit us anytime, Yuri, the staff and our guests are waiting for you☆☆

2009/12/23 14:33

Happy Christmas♪



2009/11/17 10:01

tyrannical Naoto

This morning, she gave us some candies to us when she left:)

She gave us two different tastes.
I wanted to have lemmon flavor's one.
So, I took it.
Then, Naoto suddenly grabbed my arm and took it...:(

Poor me.

2009/08/01 15:45

Naoto's days off.

What are our staff doing on their days off?
Let's take a look at Naoto's days off.

Naoto went for fishing with his friend♪

What kind of fish is that, Naoto?

Naoto: It's called Raigyo (Ophicephalus maculatus) and people eat them in South Korea.

He got two!!

2009/04/23 15:56

What are you doing, Naoto?

It's not rare that Naoto is doing something weired
but what do you think he is doing?

It seems he is trying to find something under the vending machine.

He knew that there are many coins:)
He said it came to about 1200 yen in total!

We put those money here↓↓
Thank you for your cooperation:P

2009/04/18 17:13

Tsuyoshi's masterpiece

Before, we had a chaos in the office.

Who made this chaos?

Of course, Naoto did.  ↓↓↓

This morning, Tsuyoshi completed his masterpiece on the wall.

It is very kind and has guidelines for Naoto to know where everything should be put back.

2009/02/22 15:14

Who left these?

One day I came here to work, I found some guns on the table.
Everytime guests leave something, it's gonna be our toys for a while.
Especially, Naoto...

2009/02/04 15:39

Vending Machine

Have you ever seen inside of vending machines?
We have some in the lounge and we replenish sold-out stocks everyday.
This is beer machine↓↓
It seems a lot of our guests had beer last night as well:)

I wish we had an ice-cream machine here...☆

2009/01/26 13:37

Happy birthday, Tsuyoshi&Naoto!!

On 20th was Tsuyoshi's birthday!!
He turned to be 35 years old.
After Koji left, you became the oldest staff here.
You are our big reliable brother!

On 26th, today, is Naoto's birthday!!
He is now, 32 years old.
As he was working overnight, looked sleepy...
You are so kind to everyone, but not to me:P

Happy birthday from all of your lovely co-workers;)

2008/12/24 15:24

Super Mario brothers at Sakura Hostel Asakusa

How are you spending your christmas holidays?
I'll report our christmas party which was held on the last night.
First of all, we watched the movie together.
"Love Actually" is one of my fovorite one:)
Have you ever watched before?

The main part of this time was Tsuyoshi&Naoto's magic show!
When they were practicing, I saw their tricks many many times
but I could still enjoyed them;)
It was soooo funny.

Look at their mustache.
I painted it for them to be Super Mario brothers:D

Our guests also seemed enjoyed themselves.
The next year will be much trickier...I guess☆

Of course, we had a bingo game.
All could get one prize and lucky person got Yukata!
I hope they would like it.

Thank you for joining our party♪

Special Thanks to Tanaka san;)

2008/12/03 14:31

warm message from Sakura.

Futon for the winter have just arrived today!
Naoto and I checked how warm it was before you sleep;)
It was pretty warm and I'm sure that you can sleep very well:)

Have a sweet dream★

2008/11/27 19:56

Answer is...

Christmas is coming soon!
Good job,Naoto;)

Some people decorete their home so gorgeously,
as if they are competing with each other especially in residential districts.

If you take trains at night, you might find them.

2008/11/26 15:11


What are you doing, Naoto?
It looks fun;)
I think we can find out soon what you did♪

2008/10/27 12:24

Super untidy guy -Naoto

Look at this evidence photo.

naoto's drawer.jpg

These two drawers are Naoto's.
They never close to the end because they are too full.

All of us except for Naoto have only one drawer for each. Only he has two because his first drawer was too full and he needed another one.

Look at the evidence photo No. 2.

time clock.jpg

This is our time clock with Naoto's card still in it. He always leaves his card there after he punched it, and the next person has to take it out and put it back to his place.

Super untidy guy Naoto and his super patient friends.


2006/10/18 04:26

Help !!


Let's gonna be strong !!

Fight in Japan !!


Hello! I'm naoto
I'm crazy to watch fighting sports (Pride,K-1,boxing,karate....everything!)
In Japan we have a lots of martial arts karate, judo, kendo, aikido....etc
also I have been learning Brazilian ju-jutsu for 2years
You can watch the fight on the TV quite often
but If you would like to go to studium to see the game
or maybe you have a plan to learn martial arts in japan
I'll help you to get a ticket and look for your best DOJO !! (Academy & Gym)