2011/01/27 22:15

General Cleaning Day in Sakura Hostel Asakusa

By our legendary manager TOMO's command, we cleaned up the hostel thoroughly today.

Sakura Hostel Asakusa is always clean thanks to the cleaning staffs, though.

What we did today is

Look !!
The beds are dismantled !!


Jack and Johrel are in charge of bed cleaning.
It's a tough job.
(ノ*>□<)ノ{ GANBATTE !! 〕



Tomoe is mending the wall painting of "STORIES OF SAKURA".
She is very good at painting.


Agu is vacuuming around the front desk.
The narrow space between wall and PC........Very very carefully


Aki is cleaning up the guest kitchen.
Now, you can use the kitchen comfortably.


Good Job, everyone !! It became nicer.

Now, we wait for your arrival.

2010/12/24 16:39

Happy Holidays from all of us at Sakura Hostel Asakusa

Santa Clause came along to Sakura Hostel Asakusa in Japan !!

Who is this Santa Clause?

photos 6801.JPG

It's Enoki Santa.
He is carrying the bag in which a lot of presents put !?

Oops. He must be a bad Santa Clause!!
photos 6811.JPG

And then, Jack Santa showed up.
The reindeer next to Santa Clause is ........... Tsuyoshi Reindeer !!
What a sly look it is!!

photos 6821.JPG

Now, Agu Santa and Johrel Reindeer came to the hostel.
Look !! His antler is pink !!
Is he an angel one !?

photos 6831.JPG

Those Santa Clause may sneak into your room and give you a present, or may not.

Best wishes to you and your family for a joyous season filled with health, happiness and prosperity.

2010/09/18 21:47

Health Checkup

This week is the time for the health checkup for Sakura Hostel staff which we have once a year.

It was my turn today. I was not allowed to drink beer last night although I had such a dry throat after the overtime work! So today, I will have the best beer and a big steak for dinner! ;D

And... next is...

He's having a checkup in 2 days, but...


Is this waistline okay.. ???
Tsuyoshi is a big fan of beer, so can't help it actually..

He says he's going to a pool for a swim now.
I hope you get a good result in 2 days! Let's see if he will be a muscle man by then :P
Good luck, Tsuyoshi!

Then, let's check out Jack too!
For Jack, let me tell you that he just had dinner, so..


Tsuyoshi and Jack are the same age, and compare the result of checkup every year, like which has better cholesterol level, or body fat percentage and stuff.
I think they're evenly matched :P

In Japan, we say Autumn is a nice season for sports, reading books and strong appetites.
Hey guys, let's eat, exercise and enjoy a beautiful Autumn!!

2010/09/01 15:11

Farewell Party for Ryoko

We had farewell party for Ryoko last night.
She worked in Sakura hostel for a half year, and took charge of our staff blog.
I think you enjoyed her blog a lot.
Now, she decided to start her new life in the U.S.
She will work in Disney Land in Florida for a year!!
We believe she do a good job over there as well as in Sakura hostel.

Here are some photos we took last night.

with her best friend Enocchi


Sakura Girls!!


We gave her message card.
Was she so happy that she couldn't help crying!?


We will miss you, Ryoko!!
Come to see us when you come back to Japan!!


2010/08/23 15:20

My last day in Sakura


Today is my last day working here.
Time flies so fast these past 6 months.
I really liked the international atmosphere here.

I'm glad to work with awesome Sakura staffs.
Everyone has interesting characteristics;
Tsuyoshi=Looks scary, but warm hearted
Naoto=Not only just a crazy fighter, but a laid back & generous guy
kuri.jpg Tomoe=Shy and indoor image at first, but friendly, active, and surprisingly beer lover
Ebi=Sensitive guy in contrast to his wild appearance
Jack=Supportive and gentle, but keeping a gang sta mind in secret

Johrel=Fashionable and peaceful, but scared at a cockroach
Enoki=Serious and organized, at the same time, funny and hilarious

Instead of me writing this blog, new staffs, Agu and Aki will take care of it.
They'll give you lots of info about Japan from their different perspective.

I'm going to the States for a year to work as a cultural representative.
Working here at Sakura gave me good opportunity to share my own culture
and customs with guests from all over the world.

This place is the second home for guests, but for me at the same time.

I'll definitely stop by sometimes to say hello.

See you then!! Muah!!

2010/08/04 21:20

Present from Korean Guests!!!!^.^

We have got present from Korean guests.
There was 4 university students for research in tourism.
They made us "Chigimi(Korean pizza-like dish) in our kitchen
It was really good~~~~!!!

And two Korean Girls.
We made their reservation for "Hakone Ryokan(Japanese accommodation)
And We have got this!!!!! WOW

Thank you for your presents and stay. Hope to see you again.

2010/07/29 19:59

''What is your blood type?''

''What is your blood type?''

Westerners might think that this question sounds a little bit creepy.
However, for Japanese people, blood types carry significance and are similar to horoscopes.
Each person with a certain blood type are commonly known to have specific
characteristics and traits.
There are four blood types: A, B, O and AB.
If you don't know your blood type, Japanese people will be shocked.

According to the blood type assessment,
A-type people are regarded as calm, polite, responsible, sensitive,
blood Enoki.jpg
Type A Enoki
blood Ebi.jpg
Type A Ebi

but also they are perfectionists, anxious, nervous and over cautions.
blood Ryoko.jpg
Type A Ryoko

B-type people are strong, creative, outgoing, optimistic, flexible,
more laid-back who do things at their own pace, but eccentric and selfish.
blood B.jpg
Type B Jack

O-type people are curious, generous, romantic and tolerant.
blood Tomoe.jpg
Type O Tomoe
blood Johrel.jpg
Type O Johrel
blood O.jpg
Type O Naoto & Ben chan

They love to be the center of attention and appear very self confident.
They don''t always finish what they start.

AB-type people have both types of A and B, so they are shy and outgoing,
blood AB 1.jpg
Tsuyoshi B side
They easily switch from one opposite to another.
blood AB.jpg
Tsuyoshi A side
They are trustworthy and responsible, but can't handle it when too much is asked of them.

Most Japanese are type A while most Westerners are type O.

The reason why Japanese like linking blood types to personality is that
Japanese are group-oriented.
Japanese do not like to be isolated to do things differently from others.
They are fond to stick together: eating, working, or traveling in a group.
Being with people of the same ''blood'' gives them a kind of carefreeness and joy.

Are you getting interested knowing your blood type???

2010/07/24 15:17

The Gundam Has come back!!!!

At last, The Gundam has back in Shizuoka.
It was in Odaiba in Tokyo last year.
Gundam is famous Japanese animation that has a lot of fans throughout the world.
In our hostel, many guests want to see real size Gundam as well.

Here is the Gundam in Odaiba last year.

It was big and awesome!!!

It had been belt like this.

It has come back in Higashi Shizuoka Station North public open space today!!!
If you want to get more information here is the link
But it's all Japanese.


But it is too easy to go.
Just take a go to Higashi JR Shizuoka Station north exit.
It will be there.
And ther will be other interesting stuff of figure model and animation fans.
Let's go and have fun.

Admission fee: free
From 24th of July to 31st of August  open: 10:00-20:00

From 1st of September to 27th of March( year2011) open 10:00-18:00

2010/07/11 22:13

Asakusa Silk Pudding

Do you know there is a famous pudding shop in Asakusa which appeared in guidebooks, magazines and TV show many times.


"Asakusa Silk Pudding (浅草シルクプリン)" is just so yummy!
They have 9 flavors of pudding such as milk, black sesame, caramel, green tea, strawberry, coffee, cheese, chocolate and royal milk tea. What a tempting selection!


They stick to a material and the recipe, and the pudding is as smooth as silk, true to its name.

Why not try them!?

... ( ̄▽ ̄)

Here it is!!

I had green tea flavor. If you're interested in Japan, you must know how Japanese people love Maccha, and this is the one you should try!

Jack liked his black sesame pudding very much. The sweet sauce at the bottom is the most delicious part!


The one Ryoko chose is "Premium Milk Pudding" which has the most rich taste and the most expensive one! (500 yen) Yeah, it was actually really good!

Oh boss, don't get me wrong! We are not goofing off at work. We had to eat them to recommend our guests this lovely Asakusa sweets =P

2010/06/26 16:21

"Andesu" Japanese red bean bakery....

"Andesu" has same pronounciation with "The Andes" in South America.
And it mean far different from it's meaning.
It is a Bakery with red bean cream in the bread called "ANPAN" in Japanese.

This name from quit unique origin. "AN"means "Red bean cream" in Japanese.
And "DESU"means "IS or BE".,so it means "This is AN or ANPAN"
Originally, there was a retailer for "AN" and a retailer for bread ("PAN"in Japanese).
These two married and made a bakery called "Andesu".

They also serve some other sweets and products from red bean and normal bakery.
And teast good. you will enjoy!!!!

It is 5minute walk from hostel. go and get some "ANPAN"lol

2010/06/19 13:57

Life goes on...

Jack was used to be a gang sta.

He acted the fool in his school year...
You want a piece of me, huh? Bring it on!
korean mafia.JPG

But he started a new life when he got a daughter in 2008.

Yu-san 2.jpg

And just yesterday, he got a 2nd baby!!!

He supported his wife the entire time until the baby came out.
What a nice husband!
The best smile with his sweet son.
Baby jun.jpg

The gangster was reborn as a good father.

Omedetou! Jack!

2010/06/12 12:39

Sky tree under construction!!!

You can only see it right this moment.
"Sky tree under construction" because it will be built and you cannot see it anymore in the middle of it's progress of consturction.

You can see it is "BIG enough" But it will be much Bigger.

You can see the number "398" it means it reached 398m right now

Want to see it together right NOW or you will miss it.

2010/06/10 17:30

What is the best restaurant for Lunch in Asakusa?: Staff's recommendation Part 2

土古里 浅草店-recommend by Jack
Korean restaurant for spicy-food lovers
I recommend lunch menu for budget traveller.
Around 1000yen for lunch.
Korean food is normally spicy because koreans love to feel hot teast with a lot of sweat in summer.
You can try some real korean food if you ask them.
Usually, they serve mild korean food because it is too hot for Japanese.

2010/06/06 10:01

FIFA World Cup Uniform Collections

Tsuyoshi got national uniforms, and all staff wear them for FIFA world cup next week!!!

FIFA Uniform 13.jpg

FIFA Uniform.jpg

FIFA Uniform 5.jpg
FIFA Uniform 3.jpg

FIFA Uniform 14.jpg

Portugal !
FIFA Uniform 10.jpg

FIFA Uniform 9.jpg
FIFA Uniform 2.jpg

FIFA Uniform 11.jpg

FIFA Uniform 4.jpg

We are waiting for your arrival with passionate heart.
FIFA Uniform 12.jpg

2010/04/13 19:19

Time flies so fast...

Jack's family came over to our hostel.


Look, how fast Jack's daughter grew up. Now she turns 2 years old.
Jack's little sweet daughter, Miyu chan in July, 2008.

Yu-san 2.jpg

Doesn't she look like Jack???
Ahhh, so cute.

2010/03/09 14:17

I was waiting for...

I mean, their coming back;)

Jack and Johrel have just came back from abroad with many sweets!!
Jack was in Korea for more 2 weeks to attend his sister's wedding ceremony.
Yuri : How's your vacation?
Jack: I ate meats too much and don't want to have them for a while...

Johrel had stayed in Cebu island for a week after Tokyo marathon.
Yuri: You didn't get a suntan at all!
Johrel: I put on a heavy layer of sun block☆

By the way, this title sounds familiar ...

2009/10/13 15:53

☆Sakura Girls☆...and guys.

Welcome to Sakura Hostel Asakusa and thank you for keep reading this weblog!!

We, sakura sisters, are always welcoming people from all over the world♪
Dressed in matching uniforms today★

Tomoe(left), Tomo(middle) and Yuri(right) with big smiles:D

And all were wearing different colors.
Which one do you like?
I like Tomoe's turquoise blue:)

Sakura Family↓↓
All of us have the other two colors.

2009/05/24 16:11

Design Festa

Design Festa finished on last Sunday.

What was new this time was;
Sakura Group (Sakura House, Hotel & Hostel) had a small sitting area where our guests could rest and chat with other Sakura guests.

Jack (our hostel's staff member) took care of this place and welcomed our guests with some free drinks.


This sitting area was popular as it was sometimes hard to find a place to take a rest in this big event hall with a huge crowd of people.

The webmaster of Sakura Group (he is the one who created our hostel's website) was there, too.
Mr. Aoyama & his little son, so cuuuuuuute♪ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓


2008/09/24 13:22

Korean Thanksgiving day.

I went to Koea for annual national holiday called "ChuSuk".
It is similar to "Obon" in Japan, but has different origin and quite similar to "Thanksgiving" in western culture.

It has the same idea of "Thank for the nature and ancestor" and has more complicated rules, manners and meanings in doing the traditional ritual called "Chare".
But it is simply; Familly gether around in first son's house and do "Chare" and talk about the family and the life and so on with big meal.
And after doing this, we visit other relatives' house and talk about our lives.

We do this at least twice in a year or more
On first day of the year by Lunar Calendar called "Sulnal" and "Chusuk"and anestor's passed-away day(but it depends on the family)

It is one of the most important holiday in Korea.

I really enjoy it and have fun with our families and relatives.


2008/09/01 14:38

Top 10 countries -August '08

Hi, everyone!
It's time to announce the top 10 countries most visited from in August 2008!!

Where's AUS gone?
European countries are extending their power but Korea is staying at number 7☆
Jack is happy now:)
We haven't expected that Italy was going to be ranked at 4th.

I have no idea about September...what do you think?

2008/07/19 14:35

Jack's family:)

A few days ago, Jack brought his family to the hostel.
Unfortunately, it was my day off and I couldn't see them...
Jack sometimes talked about his daughter, so I wanted to see her.
Yu-san 2.jpg

Not only his daughter but his wife is so beautiful:)
Next time you come here, please check before whether I'm working or not☆
I guess I can be a good friend of her:P

2008/04/18 16:16

New staff;)

Jack, from south korea, has been working wiith us from this month.
We wanted to have someone who speaks Korean here, so he is very helpful:)
Of course, he uses English and Japanese, too.

I'm interested in Korean a little, and I started to learn one korean word a day from him.
Now, I can say "I don't speak Korean" in Korean:P

Here's a message from Jack to Korean guests☆

?????!! ?????? ?????? ??? ???? Jack?????.
????? ??????, Jack? ??? ?????????? ??? ?????.
????? ??? ??, ???? ??? ?? ?????.^*^
????? ???? ??????? ??? ???? ???.
???? ???? ????? ?? ???? ???? ?????.
?? ?????? ??????. ?? ?????? ???...^6^?