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Hello to everybody!

How are you today? Hope everything is going well^^

Today I would like to talk about one of the most famous winter festival in Sapporo.


This festival is also know as Sapporo Yuki Matsuri, and will take place next 6th of February. The statues are located in the Odori park, Satoland and the Susukino's main street.

It's said that this popular event was born in 1950, when 6 high school students built 6 snow statues in the Odori park. Then, in 1955, the Japanese military army will join the event building big statues and becoming in a really famous festival.

Don't you think these pictures are amazing? ^^




Visiting Sapporo, you could also enjoy it eating its famous miso ramen;) Isn't it a great plan for a winter vacation?




Before and after the Snow Festival,
visit our Tokyo hotels, too!


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How are you going to spend New Year's Eve ?

There's a cool New Year's Eve event in Zojoji Temple.


Let's cry out the countdown together with everyone !!

Let's pray for the world's happiness together with everyone !!

You write down your wish on the paper, and attach it to the balloon.
About 3,000 balloons are provided.


These balloons are really eco-friendly.
They are made of water-soluble wafer, so no garbage will be produced.

When 0:00 AM comes,
the balloons are flown to the sky all together with the sound of a large temple bell.

p1.jpg      p2.jpg

< Schedule >
20:30 Starting to distribute the wish papers
22:30 Starting to distribute the balloons
23:20 Countdown Event
23:59 Starting to cry out the countdown

< Access >
By Train
From Asakusa station, take Toei Asakusa line to Daimon station
It's about 5 minutes walk from Daimon station.

HAVE FUN !!  三(ノ^▽^)ノ三(ノ^▽^)ノ


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Hello together,

today I want to write about all these little, nice, cute, sweet souvenirs and presents, we got from our lovely guests! ^^

There are so much since our Hostel has opened, so that you see these cute things everywhere around in the lobby, at the front desk or the back office.

I cannot imagine, what big part of this great atmosphere here would be lost, if these things wouldn't be here!

So let me show you, what we have around here (and I'm totally sorry, if I have forgotten something!). I do my best to get them all photographed! Maybe you see something, you have made us as a present a long time ago! ^^

Let's start!

This little magnet stone is very important for our front desk work! We can pin everything with it, so that it wouldn't get lost. ^^ It must be here for a long time! It should be from Australia! ^^


This plate on our wall near the entrance is here since more than 5 years! It's from Mexico and says "mi casa es su casa" - "my home is your home". Perfect for our Hostel! ^^


These presents are very new! ^^ We get them from very nice guests from Algeria. They look beautiful! I ask me all the time, how this pictures of sand in the bottle would be made. Seems like magic! ^^



As we have many nice guests from Australia, we have already an own "soccerteam" of Koalas (ok, a half one ^^). ^^ But everyone loves them because they look so cute with their big black nose, so we're always happy, to welcome a new Koala staff member! :)




Holland power! ^^ They are so cute and both placed on our front desk! ^^



This sweet little snow globe is on our front desk, too! ^^ You can read, where it's from, hihi. I love it!


The next things are placed on our front desk, too. So every guest can see them (of course, we are proud of all these nice presents from you! ^^).

A tree from Brazil. ^^ Beautiful!


A cute Muuuuuuh from Switzerland!


I'm too big to live in this cute house! ^^


Hello, my name is Vanessa. ^^ Where are you from?


This mask is so cool. I wonder, where It's from. But it's here a long long time on our front desk! ^^


We have a little staff member woman here, too. But no one knows her name (because she never wears a name plate! ^^).


Here's our wonderwoman! She makes our pc monitors always clean and looks everyday so beautiful! ^^


But as we have much place on our walls for your nice presents, let me show you, what's hanging around here! ^^








This cute magnets help us much with our work, so nothing can go lost and stays there, where it should! ^^ Thank you!




Hehe, with this we may write down our notices for your next reservation! ^^ Always welcome! ^^


And there are all our lovely key chains! ^^ We keep them all and they are hanging on our keys or on the wall on a nail, so no one of this cute little presents will get lost! :)



Here we can always look, how the temperature is at the moment on the front desk! ^^


Hey what's this! ^^ They are sitting high up in the sky on one of our front desk walls, watching us from above, hihi. ^^


And this we get today! It's from Germany. ^^ Hehe, thank you so much! ^^ Maybe it's from one of the huge German Christmas markets! ^^


So, you see, we love our presents you made us! ^^

We keep them all (expect the things we could eat :D) and care for them, so that they have a nice home here at our hostel! ^^

Thank you so much! ^^


Sakura Hostel Asakusa

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Hello together,

today I want to write about the "Little Chef" Cooking Party, which was hold on December, 23rd in our Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.

Woah, it was so great! ^^

Normally I'm not the girl, who is really into cooking (I like videogames more, you know ^^), but this was really so much fun for me, the next Little Chef Party I'm looking forward to and want to join again! ^^

And yes, I cooked something! ^^ It's called "Milchreis" and is very popular in Germany. ^^

But first let me tell you, how a "Little Chef" Cooking Party works.

People from many different nations get together and cooking (traditional) original dishes from their home countries (and in return for teaching and sharing this original recipes, all participants get drinks and the food for free ^^).

There were so many people there (really from everywhere - Sweden, Vietnam, Korea, America, India, Malaysia and Germany...sorry if I forget one of you nice people ^^).



The atmosphere was chilly with lot of fun in the air and it was really easy, to make new friends and have nice talks about cooking, culture, home countries etc.).

Everyone started preparing and cooking some dishes and these different smells seems like in perfect harmony.


(Shun-san hero didn't cry! ^^)
Thumbnail image for CIMG0147.JPG



But of course, now I want to show you some nice dishes - and of course I tried all of them!

And I'm so sorry, that I can't remember all the names and countries of the menus, but later I was so busy with eating.^^

Here you see the "Sloppy Joes" Burger proudly presented by its cook Michael from the USA. ^^


Yummy "Cocada" from Brazil. It's with coconut and tastes really sweet and delicious (I love sweet things! ^^).
That's "Ken Xoi" from Vietnam. I loved that. It was a little bit like my dish with ice cream and peanuts on it. So sweet and totally delicious! ^^
Here you see "Cong Youbing" from China. I wanted to eat the whole thing alone (but that would not be fair to the others, so I was strong ^^).
This one I never see before, too! But I had to try and enjoy it very much (but I'm not sure if you eat it as a main or side dish). ^^
This one is from Sweden (but I can't remember the name ^^), but it tastes so good. As I can remember, it's a traditional winter or New Years dish in Sweden. ^^
Here are some more pictures of all the tasty things I tried!

You see, I was really busy and eat and eat and eat.... :D




This I will never forget. These are chicken foot, a dish from North Korea (thank you so much Tomo-san for that great picture! ^^).


I always thought, that I would be never be brave enough to try it, but in a group with lots of fun and nice people, you really get brave! ^^ It tastes good - until I recognized, how SPICY this little pieces of the foot on my tongue are! ^^

First my head turns red and then I have to cry! :D

That was totally funny (because in Germany I was always the one who could eat more spicy food than all my friends and family).

That was great, I'll never forget! ^^

Thanks to the cook! ^^

And that's my Milchreis. ^^


It's rice cooked with milk and sugar.

Then you put cinnamon on it and taste this sweet warm meal which let you feel great (especially in winter time! ^^).

The brown Milchreis is with lot of cocoa, so it tastes a little bit like hot chocolate.

You can eat it with fruits (we take strawberries, yummy).

In Germany you eat this hot as a main dish (really!!!) or can eat it cold as a dessert. ^^



And we eat and eat and eat and eat until everything was empty and eaten, hihi. ^^


This day was such a great experience! I love it! ^^


Thank you! ^^

I've never tried so much different food in one day. I was so full after that! ^^

And I'm really grateful for the big chance to try original dishes, I have never tried before (or had never the chance to, because it's simply not available in my home country or nobody knows it). ^^

So for me it was a great experience!

You really should take the chance to join, if you are here in Japan at the time of the next "Little Chef" Party!

After cooking, eating, trying and enjoying everything, we all together went to the Christmas Party in Ikebukuro Cafe and continued with having fun! ^^ Thanks to everyone there, for me it was the perfect start in celebrating Christmas! ^^



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Hello everybody!

First I wish you a merry Christmas! ^^ I hope you have a nice time with all the people you love. :)

Yesterday was my first Christmas without my family and of course - in a different country. ^^

So I asked myself "What can I do on Christmas here in Japan?" and I found a great solution and have a wonderful Christmas here in Tokyo! ^^ I want to recommend this to you, because it was such a great day!

Me and my boyfriend have a nice trip to Odaiba yesterday. ^^ And it was soooo romantic (and that's perfect for Christmas, isn't it? ^^).


Odaiba (お台場) is a large artificial island in Tokyo Bay. It's not far away from here - only around 30 minutes by train and it's really easy to get there (and not expensive, too, so it costs one way 500 Yen for this great Odaiba experience). So only take Ginza line at Tawaramachi station (around ten minutes walk from here) to Shimbashi and then take the train to Daiba with Yurikamome line. If you can take a seat in this train, then do so, it's great, to get some nice pictures there and you can really enjoy.^^

For itself, Odaiba is total wonderful and fascinating. You have a great sight to the rainbow bridge. That looks so fantastic!



And there's the only sand beach in Tokyo. That was so great walking along the beach in the sand watching the small waves. You feel like beamed in another world.



But hey, you're not allowed to swim there! :D


I don't know, if that's usual, but yesterday they played romantic music which you can hear on the strand, like "Eternal Flame" or "I will always love you" and that was really heartmelting, hihi.

I never before in my life see so many couples as I saw yesterday on Odaiba. There were couples everywhere and you really could feel the love in the air. ^^ But Odaiba is not only on Christmas popular for couples, you can go there the whole year and have a day full of romantic.



And nobody went alone to Odaiba - everyone takes "somebody" he/she loves with. ^^


So first we have a nice time on the beach and took so many pictures (because everything looks so great there) of the skyline and of course the Rainbow Bridge.



Then we walked around, see the Fuji TV Building and the Telecom Center (doesn't they look like from outer space or from a Science Fiction movie ^^).



Can you see the Tokyo Tower? ^^


There was a great street artist there, too and so many people enjoyed his show. He was really cool and entertaining! ^^


We were totally fascinated of the big ferris wheel we saw. It's one of the world's largest ferris wheels and you surely have a great sight over the whole area (the complete revolution takes around 15 minutes).



And of course you can take boat tours too at Odaiba. ^^ Here you can see more (but not only ^^) info.


But we had spend so much time with taking pictures of us, the things around and gaping ^^, so that we realized, that we now should find a nice place to have a delicious Christmas dinner and be ready for the evening, when it's getting dark and the atmosphere would be totally great because of the many lights you can see then! ^^


So we went to Aquacity Odaiba, which is a shopping mall with many various stores, boutiques, restaurants, cafes and a cinema complex.



There we found a nice restaurant, where many couples wait for a seat. Unfortunately we didn't had a reservation and have to wait for an hour. But that was fun, so we could watching all the people and thinking about, what we want to eat (on Christmas, restaurants often offers different Christmas menu choices). ^^


The restaurant looks a little bit like a pirate cave and it was delicious (and really not so expensive as you would imagine for a 4 courses dinner). All the couples around had fun and give their loved companion it's Christmas presents. ^^ So we had a lot to look at! ^^


Aquacity has nice Christmas lights inside, so - of course - we have to take a picture, like hundreds of Japanese couples, too. ^^


When we were finished with having dinner, we enjoyed the night sight and atmosphere. It was so great, I'm not able to describe that properly. So enjoy the pictures (and I wish, I had and DSLR-Camera with me, but I hadn't, so sorry, if the pics aren't so clear at night ^^).


So just enjoy! ^^






Later there were a group of boys and make big party on the beach. Seems, that they are friends, who didn't have a date on Christmas Eve, but much fun together with celebrating ^^).

I'm honest, I didn't see really any other foreign couple there (so where have you been?) and my boyfriend either (sometimes I'm blind ^^) but the many many many many Japanese couples there showed us, that Odaiba was the totally right choice to spend a great Christmas day here in Japan! ^^

In Germany, there often is snow on Christmas and me and my family take a walk through the woods and along the two big ponds close to our house, so this Christmas was really special for me (but in a really good way! ^^).


So even if you don't visit Japan here at Christmas or only for a short holiday trip, please don't miss Odaiba. You will never forget the sight and can spend a wonderful day there! I'm sure, I'll went there a second time (and maybe in every time of the year one visit), because it was so great, I will never forget! ^^



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Merry Christmas !!
How do you celebrate Christmas in your country ??
It seems that Santa Claus has already come here....... Really !?!?

w(・0・☆)w Oh, it's Agu Santa !!


Actually, the hostel was super busy and short-handed this morning.
Agu Santa is much more powerful than regular Agu.

photos 001.jpg


photos 002.jpg


This little Santa Claus worked so hard.

It's Tomoyuki's turn in the afternoon.
In this costume, he is strong enough to handle a lot of check-in.

photos 003.jpg

Well, this is the gift we received from Santa Claus this year.

What did Santa Claus give you this year ??


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Hello together,

Have you ever asked you, how the Japanese celebrate Christmas? ^^


As you know, in Japan the main religion is not the Christian religion (like for example in my home country Germany), it's much more Shintoism and Buddhism. So in fact of this, Christmas in Japan has become another meaning than a religious meaning for the most Japanese people.

You often find Christmas lightning and displays on the streets, Santa Claus, Christmas trees and many other typical Christmas accessoirs, here, too, but they are more in the meaning of getting this special Christmas atmosphere known and loved from other countries. ^^



So in Japan December the 24th is no special puplic Holiday, it's a normal working day, like every other working day is.

While Christmas day in many other countries will be celebrated as a day for the family, here the Christmas day is popular for having a date. You don't celebrate Christmas with your family. Here the New Year's Eve is the day for celebrating with the family. ^^


Here you celebrate the Christmas evening with your boyfriend/girlfriend or a person you fall in love with (and he/she hopefully in you^^). It is seen as a time to be spent in a romantic setting, so fancy restaurants and hotels are often booked solid at this time. It is often also a time when girls get to reveal their affections to boys and vice versa. Because of this, extending a girl an invitation to be together on Christmas Eve has very deep, romantic implications, hihi.


But when you can't have a date, then it's usual, to celebrate with one or more good friends, so don't worry. ^^

For the more elderly couples, many hotels host dinner shows featuring major singers, actors, and actresses. Tickets to these shows, due to the season, are very very pricy.

Christmas presents are exchanged between people with romantic commitments as well as close friends. The presents tend to be cute presents and often include Teddy Bears, flowers, scarves, rings and other jewelry. Christmas cards are also given to close friends.

The usual main menu for Christmas Eve is chicken. So Kentucky Fried Chicken is overflowed with reservations and customers. The Christmas Chicken Dinner from KFC is really very popular. Some Japanese believe, that chicken is the common Christmas dinner in western countries, but I also heard, that chicken is common in Japan, because the ovens in Japan are too small, to cook a enormous turkey or a big piece of ham, what is probably a more common dish than chicken.^^


(So if you're interested - and don't laugh, because it's so stereotype for Germans - my family's common Christmas dinner is sausages with potato salad and often sauerkraut, too. Or we have Weisswurst / white sausages with pretzels ^^).

As a dessert you can eat the here so popular Christmas cake.

cake christ.jpg


But unfortunately it's very expensive, so when you want to eat one but don't want to spend this much money, you have to wait until Christmas is over. ^^ You can buy it in supermarkets or convenience stores and there are many different variations of it.

I think, even there are many many differences in celebrating Christmas, it has one main topic - and that is love. ^^ And love is always the best thing! ^^


So maybe you are here in Japan, too on Christmas day.
For me it'll be my first Christmas outside of Germany and without my family, so I'm really curious, how my Christmas day will be. ^^ I'm off tomorrow and hopefully, when the weather is fine, visiting Odaiba and have a great day! ^^


So let's surprise and have a great Christmas 2011, right! ^^

Looking for a budget hotel in Tokyo?

Check our hotels out!

         ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓


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Hello together,

Like I've written the last time: once a week, we want to give you the chance to read more about what our guests are thinking and what they want to recommend to you, our readers. ^^

So this time, we have Michael from Australia. ^^


Michael is 29 years old and stayed for two weeks in Tokyo.

What Michael likes the most in Japan is especially the Japanese food. Michael loves sashimi! ^^

Do you know, what sashimi is? Here's a picture of typical sashimi! ^^ It's a Japanese speciality and consists of very fresh raw fish, sliced into thin pieces. You really should try it, it's delicious! ^^


In Tokyo he really enjoyed the many temples and the National Museum!

Here you can see, where and what the National Museum is! ^^

The place, Michael recommend to you as hopefully future Tokyo visitors and which you shouldn't miss is Harajuku - because of the Fashion and the people there! ^^

(In Harajuku you find Yoyogi Park and Takeshita Dori, which is very popular for cool and crazy fashion ^^).

Michael has a funny story, he experienced here in Tokyo, for you, too.
One day of his stay, he visited Sumida-gawa riverside.
And then near the Asahi-flame, an old lady suddenly started to sing a Japanese song for him. ^^
Isn't that cute? ^^

Can you imagine traditional singing near Asahi flame? Great experience! ^^


So Michaels message for you is:
"Come to Tokyo! Come to Sakura!"

Hey, thank you Michael, that you enjoyed your stay so much and that you recommend us in your message! ^^
(No, we don't have paid Michael for that! ^^)
We hope, to see you again!
You're always welcome with open arms! :)
Have a great time and much fun with traveling! ^^
Greetings from the whole staff team to you and Australia! :)


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