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2012/03/04 15:17

Tokyo Sky Tree Ticket !! How valuable it is !!

Do you know when Tokyo Sky Tree will open ?

It's May 22nd !!

sky tree.png

Because it's the tallest communications tower, it's already one of the most popular landmark in Tokyo.
The neighborhood around Tokyo Sky Tree gets lively more and more.

I'm sure you take Tokyo Sky Tree into your sightseeing list.

There's something you should know.


For the first 50 days, it's advance reservation only.

There are 2 ways to make reservation for Tokyo Sky Tree.

Go to Web ticket
( You need the credit card issued in Japan.)


Go to Tobu Travel

You know what !? It's not goal yet.

Actually, it's just a lottery ticket.
You must win the lottery, and then you are entitled to make reservation for the ticket.
Only 8,000 tickets per day will be on sale.

It's the most valuable ticket ever !!

<< Price >>
Adult : 2,500 yen
Child : 1,400 yen

It's 500 yen more expensive than today's ticket.

From March 22nd, you can enter for Tokyo Sky Tree lottery.

By the way,
they start to sell today's ticket from July 11th.

Do you try your luck !?


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