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2012/03/02 14:45

My Italian trip volume 3: Venice

Hello, thank you for reading my Italian trip blogs so far.
Here is the last one in Venice.
This city was my final destination and where I had wanted to visit very much.
I went there on 12th and stayed for 2 days.
I took Euro star again and it took about for 3 hours.
The sea was frozen, according to Venetian people, that was for the first time even for them to see.
So I was lucky in a way.

The main ways of transportation were ship and gondola. 
  DSC01296.JPG        DSC01366.JPG 

When I arrived at St Marco's Square, I saw so many people wear masks on their faces.
It was really surprising views that we can't see in Japan.
As a matter of fact, a carnival was held in Venice from 12th of February.
This carnival is well known all over the world, and lasts for 2 weeks.
It was originated in the mid of 14th century, and people wear masks and disguise, 
therefore, Masked balls, or 'Masquerades,' are held everywhere in the city. 
So many people were disguising and willing to be taken pictures when people pointed cameras at them.

DSC01352.JPG      DSC01389.JPG

DSC01358.JPG      DSC01379.JPG

The city has many many small paths that we can easily get lost.
So we definitely need a map ! Of course I got it.
When walking around the small paths, I could see a lot of appealing shops such as accessories, sea food restaurants,
masks and so on.

DSC01399.JPG     DSC01398.JPG

I also went up the bell tower. It was freezing !!
But the view was excellent !! I've seen the view in a book once when I was a child.

DSC01381.JPG     DSC01339.JPG

On the second day, I woke up early and went to Rialto Bridge.
This bridge is one of the four bridges spanning the Canal Grande.
The scenery is very famous in many picture books.

In the Afternoon of the day, I took a gondola cruise.
13 people were supposed to join, but only 11 people came.
They counted off and got on the gondola into groups of  3.
I had a musician and an accordion performer on the same gondola.
We cruised along small canals with singing and listening to his accordion.
I met one couple there and was on the same gondola.
They were staying at the same hotel.
They have lived in America and husband has been a priest.
They taught me the histories of Venice, Italy and a lot of interesting topics.
According to them, people wearing masks and disguising at the carnival are not Venetians, but tourists.

Russians and Chinese have started buying the estates and houses in Venice, and the price of land has been increased.
This caused Venetians' move to the main island.

DSC01370.JPG      DSC01600.JPG 

After finished the cruise, I had dinner with the couple.
I enjoyed red wine, seafood spaghetti, and grilled fish.
The red wine was surprisingly light, and 
I didn't know that the fish was not tasted at all that I had to do it by myself.
They treated me the dinner and I was really happy, but sorry for that.
They said " for your last day of Venice and anniversary of our nice meeting".
I managed this trip by myself, and such a meeting is one of relish of travelling alone.I thought.

DSC01610.JPG     DSC01611.JPG

And in the next morning, that was finally I left for Japan.
I took a picture with the couple, and thanked them so much.
I'll never forget this trip and couple.
When I go to America, I would like to visit them to say thank you again.

That was my trip in Italy.
It took about for 12 hours from Venice to Japan. (transfer in London)

Although there were some troubles and happenings, it was soooo great experience.

Thank you for reading until the end.

★★★★   ★★★ ★ ★ ★★★   ★★★★


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