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The Movie "Paradise Kiss"

Popular manga by Ai Yazawa who is well-known by "NANA" was made into a film.

Which manga is it ??
It's " Paradise Kiss ".

The story is ......

a high school girl who faces the university examination is scouted as a model
by a professional school student who aims at the fashion industry.
With it as a start, she finds her way to go forward.


It is Keiko Kitagawa to play the part of Shiori (heroine).
It is Osamu Mukai to play the part of George, who leads Shiori to the dream of becoming a top model.

It is said that the ending of the movie is different from the original one.

This movie is playing now.
If you are a Japanese Manga fan, I bet you like it. ゚.+:。∩(・ω・)∩゚.+:


★★★★   ★★★ ★ ★ ★★★   ★★★★


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