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Nickname for McDonald's in Japan

Speaking of a worldwide fast-food restaurant,
what comes to your mind ??

It's McDonald's, isn't it ?

Even if eating in which country, the taste of McDonald's won't change.


By the way,
how do you call " McDonald's " in your country ?

The pronunciation of " McDonald's " in Japanese is MAKUDONARUDO (マクドナルド),
and there's some nicknames for McDonald's.

the nickname varies according to the area.

In East Japan, it's called MAKKU (マック).
In West Japan, it's called MAKUDO (マクド).

But recently,
nicknames other than " MAKKU " and " MAKUDO " got infiltrating on the Internet.

What is it ????

Although various nicknames such as MAKUDONA and DANARU are spreading,
the one widely used on the Internet now is MAKUNARU (マクナル).

When you go to McDonald's with your friends, what do you say ?
" Let's go to MAKKU ?? MAKUDO ?? or MAKUNARU ?? " 


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